Zylmex and Zee Toys were interchangeable brand names of Zyll Enterprise Ltd. For more history, read my Zee Toys page.

Zylmex Metal Man

Here you'll find sales and value of Zylmex Metal Man.

Updated: 29 August 2019

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Zylmex value and price guide

What's your Zylmex worth? Here are some recently sold items.

Picture Title Date Price
30 dyna flites planes 1980 s 90s diecast toy zee 30 Dyna Flites Planes 1980 S 90s Diecast Toy Zee... 06/2021 $344.49
1960 70 lesney matchbox large car 1968 collector 1960 70 Lesney Matchbox Large Car 1968 Collector... 04/2021 $242.50
zee zylmex pacesetters silver delorean diecast Zee Zylmex Pacesetters Silver Delorean Diecast... 05/2021 $169.99
zylmex zee 1 64 d107 mitsubishi Zylmex Zee 1 64 D107 Mitsubishi... 05/2021 $100.00
matchbox 1968 72 car deluxe collectors case cars Matchbox 1968 72 Car Deluxe Collectors Case Cars... 07/2021 $61.00
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices08/2021$-.--

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Comments (5)
Mike - January 13, 2021
zylmex zee toys metal man nasa
I’m looking for one of these... good condition preferably. Let me know if you can help. Thanks
Also try this page: Zee Toys and try different countries for more listings. Good luck!
Serge - January 8, 2020
I search to identify a Zee Zylmex soft drink delivery truck with missing decals on the sides. In the rear there is a Soft drink decal. On each door, a Fresh decal and a EK 1945-83 tag. It is similar to the Pepsi 1980's blue delivery truck but in red with the blue top. Could you help me?
I can't help you, but maybe you can try here: zylmex.com.
Kevin - August 21, 2018
Zee Toy, in original box, AJ-37 Viggen die cast metal. part of nr.2936-3 set., how much is it worth?
Jeff - April 6, 2014
What is the super van p341 worth?
Oss - April 5, 2012
How much is my P344 Super van Straight Arrow worth? Its still in original Package (never opened). package says 1977 at bottom Made in Hong Kong Thanks
I don't know but maybe you can ask here