Zippy the Monkey ('Zip the Monkey', or 'Zip the Chimp') is a stuffed rubber faced chimpanzee doll that was introduced in the 1950s on the TV show Howdy Doody.

The chimp doll was produced in the 1950s, with reissues in the 1960s and 1970s by a number of toy companies but most notably by the Rushton doll company.

Zippy has a shirt on with Zip on the front and was fashioned after Zippy from the Howdy Doody show. Because Rushton made the doll a bit expensive, several other companies (like Dakin Company) made Zippy monkey dolls that looked very similar but were cheaper.

See also: Howdy Doody dolls.

Updated: 3 Oct. 2019

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Comments (12)
Lee - April 7, 2020
I have found you all sharing wonderful stories. I have this stuffed monkey. His name is Stanley a n a me my brother gave him when I was 3. I am 65. I have had him with me my entire life I love him more than anything. My grandma gave him to me. I never got to know her she passed that year she was born in 1899 Stanley has promised not to b tell all and we will go together
Thanks Lee for your story!
Melissa - April 24, 2019
I've just looked into this monkey as I have one from 1968 (regal toy limited) and had never looked into it. It was my great grandmothers and I always played with it so she gave it to me when I was approx 10 years old. She's been gone 15 years just recently so wanted to do some research. Thank you for the information.
Beth - April 9, 2019
Kathy, My sister had one just like the one you are describing. Red and white checkered dress but I remember she had black removable shoes/boots. Did you find any more info on her? I would love to surprise her as she is turning 50 in a few weeks.
Hi Kathy, sorry, this will be very difficult. You could try and search for the: Rushton Tippy doll.
Kathy - March 5, 2019
Does anyone know if there was produced a zippy monkey as a female, my sister had one she called Gwendolyn and had a red and white checkered dress, rubber shoes on the feet and rubber hands/face and no banana
Donna - April 20, 2018
Is the zippy monkey still produced new
I'm afraid not, though there are of course a lot of monkey dolls which look similar but are not quite the same.
Lillie - April 4, 2018
I had a Mr. Bim when I was a child. Found one for sale and couldn’t resist. I have no idea what happened to mine years ago. I think my Mom got rid of it. I still think he is adorable.
Thanks for sharing!
Dee - August 26, 2017
I recently came across a zippy/Mambo monkey doll. I am curious mine has a circled C at the front of the neck close to the hairline and to the left on the C i can make out the letters possibly ON? (Rushton?)and in the upper palate of the mouth are the capital letters BT (bijou toys?) which are not raised letters but scribed into the rubber and do not contain any of the color used to color the inside of the mouth, as in the stamped letters contain no coloring. Which little guy am I holding right now. Based on the information I read-I am not even sure? I would appreciate any help or information you can supply me with.Thank you, Dee
The circled C is probably the copyright sign, so if there is enough space before the ON letters to put RUSHT you probably have a Rushton
Darrell - May 22, 2016
My older sister Denise had a ZIP the monkey doll which she got as a present from our parents in 1961 when we lived at Stead AFB in Reno Nevada. She lost it when we moved to Cigli AFB in Izmir Turkey in 1963, and has lamented the loss of ZIP in recent years as we recollected our memories of growing up as Air Force "brats" She also had a Chatty Kathy doll and another walking doll which I destroyed by dismembering and decapitating both dolls. To assuage my guilt I decided to buy her a ZIP doll now 54 years later and to atone for the wanton destruction of her other two dolls.And the moral of the story is that younger brothers who were brats as children grow up to be good, compassionate adults.
Great story Darrell, thanks for sharing :-)
Susan - September 18, 2014
Is there a kid's book about Zippy? I have the doll from childhood and would like to pass it along to a cousin but would love a book to go with it
Here is a nice vintage book for sale on Amazon: Zippy, the chimp book I couldn't find new books though...
Kathy - September 2, 2013
I have an original Zip and love him to death. He has been my best friend since my father pasted away in 1962. A neighbor hood friend had him and didn't care for him at all so she pasted him down to me> Now my grandchildren play with him. It gives me great pleasure to see their delight in playing with him. I have requested that when I pass on he be buried with me. He has seen me through so much. Its too bad kids can't find that attachment in something these days besides game stations.
Thanks for sharing your story Kathy!
Karen - March 13, 2013
After my sister passed away I found a zippy the monkey type doll but cannot find a makers mark on him only a raised rectangle on each of his feet but no printing on him he stands about 17" he doesnt have any clothes just yellow and black fur with red ribbon 'braces' he's in good condition a little dirty tho bless him does anyone know where I can find out more information about him please
Johanna - January 27, 2013
When I was a small child in the 1950s I saw Zippy in a neighborhood toy store. I loved it and wanted it for Christmas so badly, but my parents said it was too expensive. To my delight and surprise, and I'm sure with a great deal of sacrifice, they bought it for me. I still have it today (sits at the end of the bed). It has one hand and one ear missing and has been sewn up many times. Since it will probably survive me, my daughter has agreed to give Zippy a home next.
Thanks for your story Johanna :-) !