Lesney range of die cast models.

The Models of Yesteryear, introduced in 1956, were renditions of classic vehicles from the steam and early automotive eras. These were often about 3½-4" in length. Accessories Packs were also introduced in 1956 and included petrol pumps, garages, and the like. Major Packs, which were larger-scale models, often of construction vehicles, were added in 1957. The King Size series of larger-scale trucks and tractors was added in 1960 and was diversified from 1967 onwards to include passenger car models in a scale similar to that used by Corgi and Dinky. Major Packs had been absorbed into the King Size range by 1968. [Wikipedia]


Yesteryear value and price guide

What's your 'Yesteryear' worth? Here are some recently sold items (USA):

Picture Title Date sold Price
Matchbox Y 5 Klokkenzolder Red Yellow 04/2019 $1 250.40
Matchbox Y 12 Model T Blue Hoover Mib 05/2019 $493.91
Matchbox Model Of Very Rare Issue 1 07/2019 $362.62
Matchbox Models Of Complete Set Of 16 05/2019 $365.00
Dte Set Of First 14 Lesney Matchbox 07/2019 $299.95
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