Wyandotte toys was founded in the fall of 1921 in Michigan. The company emphasized the use of mass production techniques and cheap raw materials, such as scrap metal from the auto industry, to manufacture high quality tin toys. During their first decade in business, they focused mainly on producing toy pistols and rifles.

Their slogan for that time was 'Every Boy Wants a Pop Gun'.

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By 1929, they were the world's largest manufacturer of toy guns. At that point they decided to stop producing air rifles, but continued with the rest of their diversified line of toy guns which included pop guns, clicker pistols, water pistols, dart guns and pistols, cap guns, and a variety of plastic pistols.

Near the end of their first decade in business, the company decided it was time to reinvent themselves. By diversifying their product lines to include a handful of girls toys including doll buggies, musical toys, games, and wagons, as well as adding a wide range of cars, trucks, and planes, they were able to greatly expand their consumer base. This was a move which helped them to become even more famous. At this point, they decided to change their slogan to 'Wyandotte Toys are Good and Safe'.

Their simply built, streamlined, art deco steel cars and trucks were unmistakable. Through the years they built heavier gauge steel cars, distinguished by their baked enamel finish, and wooden wheels, they were designed to withstand the rigors of almost any young child's endless playing, as evidenced by the condition of the many Wyandotte toys treasured by today's collectors. Tin cars produced by the company are more rare and very few exist today.  Things were developing nicely for the company, and it continued to grow. In 1936, they added lithographed novelty toys. In 1937, they introduced spring-driven motors to propel some of their vehicles. This in turn led to a wider range of wind-up and lever-action novelty toys.

Then came World War II, and things changed. Because of the shortage of steel for manufacturing, the company turned to producing toys out of wood and die-cut cardboard, in a 'build-your-own' play set format. They also contributed greatly to the war effort by producing clips for the M-1 rifle. After the war, the company moved to Piqua, Ohio. In another attempt to diversify, the company bought Hafner trains, a company that manufactured clockwork toy trains. In 1948, they began producing die-cast and hard-molded plastic toys, in order to compete in the dime store and bargain basement markets.

The 1950's brought on a new set of challenges for the company. Steel shortages and high labor costs made it difficult to compete in a rapidly changing marketplace. No longer able to adapt, the company went bankrupt in 1956.


Updated: 28 September 2021

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Wyandotte value and price guide

What's your Wyandotte worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
wyandotte a pictorial history early years 1997 Wyandotte A Pictorial History Early Years 1997 11/2021 $15.00
wyandotte 33 repeater space pop ray gun all metal Wyandotte 33 Repeater Space Pop Ray Gun All Metal 11/2021 $121.15
boy scout bsa wyandotte nation ohio cut edge round Boy Scout Bsa Wyandotte Nation Ohio Cut Edge Round 11/2021 $7.99
boy scout bsa wyandotte nation ohio shaped teepee type Boy Scout Bsa Wyandotte Nation Ohio Shaped Teepee Type 11/2021 $7.99
wyandotte metal dump dumper truck construction hauler Wyandotte Metal Dump Dumper Truck Construction Hauler 11/2021 $35.00
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Comments (31)
Rick - September 7, 2021
where can i get a couple grills for marx lumar army truck and a nozzle for nylint suberban pumper that goes on top of tank
Bill - October 16, 2020
Hello everyone I have a semi truck and looking for a cab, some how the top of my cab is missing and would like to replace it. I see red ones on ebay but mine was white with the red flatbed.
Michael - September 23, 2020
Where may I get a copy of a Catalog listing the toy trucks?
Sorry, I don't know... Maybe this page can help: Wyandotte toy truck article.
Glen - May 11, 2019
Looking for any information on changing the rubber wheels on a Wyandotte LaSalle car without taking the car apart. Glen
A very nice car you have there Glen and good question! I don't know but you also could ask this toy parts dealer, maybe they know the answer.
Thomas - January 30, 2019
I have a wyandotte tin chicken without the red head top. Anyone have the top piece to sell?
Reconstructor - December 24, 2018
looking for information on an adjustable frame on a Wyandotte truck
No idea, sorry!
Dom - November 13, 2018
Hello,Hope all is well. Looking for the front manual crank in the cab for WYANDOTTE CONSTRUCTION STEAM SHOVEL / CRANE 1949. Would also be interest in the cables for the toy.Thank you.
Always difficult to find old parts! You can have them made or try to find a broken one for parts, take a look here: Wyandotte shovel.
Jim - October 19, 2018
Can anyone tell me what the spring retainer that locks the spring to the barrel for the firing mechanism looks like on the Wyandotte Model 30 rifle. This spring is the coil that is compressed and released when the trigger is pulled. This retainer holds the spring while the lever is compressing the spring. I need parts for a Wyandotte Model 30 rifle Thank you, Jim
Not sure about the mechanism, but I added a link to a parts shop in the description on my page.
Darrell - April 11, 2018
I have a large military truck, 21 by 6", well worn. I am interested in knowing its value.
Norm - March 13, 2018
I am looking for tool box covers, a tow hook and crank for a Wyandotte wrecker. Any leads? Thank you!
Also look out for a wrecker for parts: Wyandotte wrecker parts.
Ted - March 28, 2016
Where can I find a list of Wyandotte vehicle identification numbers?
Can't find one either, but you can email Thomas at thomastoysantiquetoyparts.com for identification of your toy or take a look at this Wyandotte price guide to see if yours is on the list or maybe this vintage toys book on Amazon can help.
Jack - January 18, 2015
Looking for a photo of wyandotte toy factory building at sycamore and 12th. St. Wyandotte mi.
Kelly - June 15, 2014
I have a All Metal Products air rifle, lever action with the Pat. dates of June 30,1914 and Aug 14, 1923.This toy gun belonged to my uncle who passed away at age 9 in 1929. This gun is marked 50-1000 shot. Any info and its possible value would be appreciated.
Nena - April 13, 2014
i have a tin chicken (hen) about 7 inches tall. at one time it laid eggs. there's a square hole in top of head...where the eggs went in? can you give any info/date/value, etc. thanks so much?
No idea, but if you search on Google images for : wyandotte tin toy chicken you'll come across some pages which might have some answers.
Shelli - April 1, 2014
I have just found a wyandotte water pistol no 16, can you give me an age and do you have any pictures?? I also have the box which is in excellent condition. Thanks
I dont't have pics, but found some on Google images.
Corey - March 30, 2014
I have a wyandotte metal water pistol. I would like to know more about it. Do you know anything about the water pistols?
Not really, have you tried Google images: Wyandotte water pistols.
Janelle - August 16, 2013
I have a wyandotte toy farm truck. I would to find out more information on it, because I cannot find anything like it on the internet. can i email you a picture of it.
Joe - March 12, 2013
Please help, I was given a All- Metal Products rifle. Its about 35 inches long, all black with a wooden butt. It is a pump action with a bore about the size of a nichol.Operates well and in good shape. Where can I get info on this gun. Thanks.
Alfredo - July 19, 2012
I came into posesion of a gun/cannon of some sort. Says Wyandotte Mich USA/All METAL PROD CO/PAT APP FORIts red with a black base and black cannon. Has three wooden legs to it and a crank in the back as a machine gun. Have not been able to find it anywhere in antiques nor on line. Any help identifying it would be appreciated.
I think I found your cannon through Google images . Maybe these sites can give your more info.
Steven - June 18, 2012
I have a bell pistol still rings I think my mother mave have made it or not she worked there for a while I also lived their for 20 years anybody know how much it could be
Depends on with model. If it is model nr. 10 around 40 bucks, depending on state and demand.
C. - February 1, 2012
The WYANDOTTE 51 Cadillac Model/Toy ... What Kind Of PLASTIC Was This Made Of ??? Your Help Is Much Appreciated About This
Edie - January 7, 2012
I have an old metal play revolver with a patent #2106100, can you give me any details on this. thank you
Gail - November 27, 2011
I have found a signed Wyandotte gun that stand on 3 wooden legs a red barrel with a turn handle an a black barrel. It is all original. You turn the crank and it shoots corks. When was this made and going price. Thank you
You might try an expert like www.nicholascapguns.com to get an answer to your question.
Jimmy - November 15, 2011
can you tell me about wind up three legged toy machine gun circa wwI
Maybe you can try this website to get some info.
John - October 8, 2011
I have a 1950's Wyandotte semi truck and trailer and am missing the headlisght and grill assemsblies. I have a picture of the truck. Can you help me or refer me to someone who might? thanks
This website has some Wyandotte parts for sale.
Pink - September 15, 2011
does aonyoe have ani info on a White Midical Corps 'truck'...have one and appears there may be something missing from the inside of the bed of the unit..there are 4 slots front to back and a 1/4" hole behind that..am wondering if anyone has this item and would part with it..?
Jane - September 8, 2011
I do estate sales for people and I ran across a old wyandotte toys water pistol I am wondering about the year it was made and what it is worth today. Thank You
David - July 22, 2011
I was wondering which truck that they had designed the semi trucks after and why they put the full front fenders on the semi trucks?
Roland - November 20, 2010
i am restoring a wyandotte rocket ship. It is missing the landing gear. do you have or know where I could get one?
Best is to contact some toy repair shops, for example www.randystoyshop.com, they also repair toys and make parts.
R. - November 12, 2010
Do you have prop for a Wyandotte 18" airplane?
I'm afraid I can't help you with your prop, however there are some for sale and you find them by searching for 'wyandotte propellors'.
Steven - August 29, 2010
I Have a 1930s Wyandotte 11 inch ambulance in extremely Original Near Mint Condition. I am Looking for some information on this item in regards to its history and value. I have included some picture so you can see the item. I have not seen one quite like it before. Thank you for your time. Sincerely,
Steven Antonelli