The Wizzzer is a gyrostat toy first made by Mattel Toymakers in 1969, and introduced the spinning top to modern children. The "twist" was the use of a super-spinning, high-tech bearing, that allowed the top to spin at ultra high speed and remain standing for a long time.

This top did not rely on a string to attain high speed so it was easier to master than older tops.

Mattel used innovative wedge-shaped packaging and gave the tops interesting personas through the use of color combinations and stickers. The most memorable are those named: Spin-Fire, Mach-1, Prowler, Night Winder, Bonehead, Sparkshooter and "The Color Changer".

To expand the line, Mattel added a Wizzzer Hockey Game, the Trick Tray and the Super Competition Set. Several automobile toys were included that were Wizzzer-driven as "Spin-Buggies."

Wizzzer value and price guide

What's your Wizzzer worth? Here are some recently sold items.

Picture Title Date Price
wizzzer super competition set mattel 1970 no 4107 Wizzzer Super Competition Set Mattel 1970 No 4107... 04/2021 $225.00
1969 mattel wizzzer top trick tray set nos mint 1969 Mattel Wizzzer Top Trick Tray Set Nos Mint... 06/2021 $172.88
mattel wild wild wizzzer color changer trick top Mattel Wild Wild Wizzzer Color Changer Trick Top... 06/2021 $68.95
wizzzer whirler mattel twirlin twosome trick set Wizzzer Whirler Mattel Twirlin Twosome Trick Set... 05/2021 $59.99
rare mattel wizzzer trick top glow in dark prowler Rare Mattel Wizzzer Trick Top Glow In Dark Prowler... 04/2021 $49.99
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices08/2021$-.--

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Comments (2)
Gayle - February 14, 2021
I own the Mattel "Our 25th year" Silver Wizzzer from 1969 and am finally ready to sell it, but do not know what price to list it for on eBay. Does anyone have an idea of what it is worth? Back in 2015 I saw that it had sold on eBay for $35, but cannot see any recent listings of it. Mine has the box, the trick book, orange stand, yellow and white plastic pieces and the top is actually in two pieces so it needs to be glued back together. I see there is a pink plastic part inside too. Thanks for you help!
I have no idea, sorry.
Carlos - January 8, 2020
What do you think an unopened Roarin Glory Wizzzer is worth?
No idea, probably about 10-15 USD.