Weeden Mfg. Co., founded by William N. Weeden in New Bedford, Massachusetts produced working model steam toy engines from 1884. The firm also made steam boats, fire engines, and cars with steam as motor power.

Weeden developed several ultimate rarities among clockwork tin mechanical banks, including "Ding Dong Bell" and "Japanese Ball Tosser".

The Weeden Manufacturing Company was sold to 'National Playthings' in 1942 which ended the manufacturing of Weeden steam engines in 1952.

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Updated: 28 April 2019

Weeden value and price guide

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Picture Title Date Sold for
Electric Toy Steam Engine And Display 10/2019 $405.00
19th Century 1890 S Stand Tank Flywheel 10/2019 $427.69
Big Giant Toy Steam Engine Project 07/2019 $195.00
Steam Engine Model Working Vg Condition 09/2019 $210.00
Steam Engine 49 07/2019 $200.00

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Comments (8)

Kyle - September 29, 2019
I have an old steam engine that needs a couple of parts. Can you help me? I want to send a couple of pictures to help identify the model number. I think it is a very old weeden engine. Thanks
Hi Kyle, best is to first figure out which model you have. Check out the website mentioned in the above description and contact their webmaster Frank (click on 'contact me' on their homepage). Or check the listings here on the right to see if you can find your engine.

Brad - July 17, 2019
does anyone know where i can get a sight glass for a 670 steam engine
Hi, you didn't mention the manufacturer and the only 670 I could find is a model by Weeden, so I placed your question on my Weeden page.

Shawn - February 13, 2018
What year was the car.no 647 made and still works good shape.
The Weeden 647 was made in the 1930s. Here's a nice 647 restoration video.

Jon - September 18, 2017
I have a Weeden electric Model 648 steam engine that stopped heating up. I used it as a live steam demonstration for the boy scouts this past weekend and it worked for a little while, then just stopped working. How do I fix this? Thanks!
Ah, that's a shame! Sounds like the electric heater just gave up the ghost. I suggest asking your question on weedensteam.com. You can mail them directly.

Johnny - February 10, 2013
I have five different models in all for weeden and two Jensens .I am into collecting these toy's in my older years as I remeber in school that some ofthe guys had some and brought to show .I could never afford one as my my family was tight for money when my dad lost his legs in the Korean war .I now do a fair job of collecting and repairing still not rich but enjoy these little guy's .I also have some that are hand made as I have made a couple on an old lathe I have . Thanks for listening .
Collecting model steam engines is a fantastic hobby. I only have one 25 year old Wilesco, still steaming strong. Planning to buy more, but I think it can be pretty addictive, haha!

Kim - November 22, 2010
I have a Weeden model 49 toy steam engine. It was my grandfathers, but I know nothing else about them. It does work. Is it worth anything to collectors?
Maybe people at www.weedensteam.com can answer that question.

Harold - October 6, 2010
I have two weeden horizontal boiler engines; electric; non working. Does anyone know how to repair the electric heat unit?

Debbie - August 16, 2010
I recently became the owner of a Weeden steam engine that was my grandfather\'s. Apparently it has been exposed to the weather, as it is somewhat rusty in spots. What is the best way to clean it? Also, the PAT# I believe is 011. Do you have any idea how old it may be? I don\'t see any like it in the pictures on this site. Thank you for your help.