Webkinz are made by the Ganz Corporation which is based in Toronto, Canada. It was started by Samuel Ganz.  They have been in business since 1950. Today it is being run by the third generation of Ganz's. They distribute their products all over the world. Currently they have 30,000 retailers that they send their products to. Their main office is in Toronto, Canada. However, they also have offices in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Shanghai.


Webkinz was first made and offered in 2005 by the Ganz Corporation. They have a wide selection of plush pets that consists of 68 animals in their collection. They also have 26 styles of Lil' Kinz. There have been three products that have been retired from the collection to date. They are the Cheeky Dog, Cheeky Cat and Love Puppy.

Updated: 5 August 2019

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