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VEB Plastspielwaren Berlin was a state-owned factory producing all kinds of toys in East Berlin in the 1970s and 1980s, including some plastic model cars. The range mainly consisted of 1/87th scale models of vehicles from the GDR, similar to the models made by unter auch Modellautos aus Plastik.

Das Programm umfasste in erster Linie Modelle im Massstab 1:87 nach DDR-Vorbildern, ähnlich der Modelle von Espewe. Furthermore, a historic Berlin bus from 1911 was modelled in 1/50th scale. VEB Plastspielwaren Berlin was the successor of the company Herr who had already released 1/87th scale model cars in the 1950s. After 1989, some of the models were still distributed by s.e.s for a while. Source:

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Heart Monopoly Anezka Ssp Rainbow 05 05/2019 $407.00
Tu 104 1 100 Plasticart Flugzeug 07/2019 $243.50
Unparalleled Ingenuity Loura Ssp Silver 05/2019 $202.50
Harmonics Messiah Xvr 07 Cardfight 07/2019 $158.50
Dragonic Overlord The Great X 4 Vr 06 07/2019 $152.50

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