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Uneeda Doll Company was founded in (1917-1991) Brooklyn, New York city USA.  They produced thousands of cloth, composition, hard plastic and vinyl dolls, that were well made and reasonably priced.  In the 1930's Uneeda Doll Company was advertising over 400 models from 14" to 28" tall and most are unmarked. They were also know as the Tony Toy Company of Hong Kong and some dolls are marked as such.

One of the most unique dolls Uneeda produced, were the Dollikin's, these were the most posable of the fashion dolls with multiple joints that allowed the doll to pose, almost like a human.  Uneeda dolls are often unmarked or marked with Uneeda inside a diamond, U or UN or have Tony Toy Co Hong Kong, in the marking.

Their slogan was:

A Uneeda Doll is a gift to be treasured

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Updated: 30 July 2019

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Uneeda value and price guide

What's your Uneeda worth? Here are some recently sold items.

Picture Title Date Price
rare uneeda 21 eegee 17 magic fairy ballerina Rare Uneeda 21 Eegee 17 Magic Fairy Ballerina... 04/2021 $800.00
miss suzette brunette bending body doll 8 outfits Miss Suzette Brunette Bending Body Doll 8 Outfits... 06/2021 $796.00
rare uneeda wendy ward doll montgomery ward excl Rare Uneeda Wendy Ward Doll Montgomery Ward Excl... 05/2021 $499.00
uneeda 62 miss suzette 11 5 fashion model doll w Uneeda 62 Miss Suzette 11 5 Fashion Model Doll W... 04/2021 $350.00
1962 uneeda miss suzette doll auburn hair original 1962 Uneeda Miss Suzette Doll Auburn Hair Original... 05/2021 $327.00
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices08/2021$-.--

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Comments (7)
Darlene - February 28, 2021
I Have a new in box Toddle Toes doll. The box says 1981 Style 82510 Factory code 9825/81. I can't find this doll anywhere online. Is it very rare and what is the value? Thanks for any information. Darlene
Eval - January 18, 2020
I recently bought a new walking Donna doll from CVS and her arm has broken off and I can't fix it for My daughter. CVS informed me to contact your company to find out what can be done, as My child is sad, so am I.
So sorry to hear about this, but I'm not affiliated in anyway with Uneeda. Unfortunately, the company ceased to exist in 1991.
Snoe - October 22, 2019
Looking for info on uneeda imperial collection wedding day set of 3 (bride,bridesmaid, and groom new in box). Cant seem to find it on any site.
Can't find this collection either... Have a look on this page now and then to see if a set pops up one day: Uneeda Empire Collection.
Lori - July 29, 2019
Looking for information on a vintage “ Needa “ Toddles doll. Walks easily and sits naturally. Stock No. 952 9 from Uneeda Doll Co.,Inc. Would like to have a date and worth if possible. Can send picture of the doll.
Hi, you can take a look at this page to see if you can find yours: Uneeda Toddles.
Ariana - March 16, 2019
Hi, I'm not on here to purchase or sell, but I have a doll with the imprint on the back of its neck U D C O Inc. My mom told me she bought it at a garage sale in the 1980s, and isn't sure how old the doll is. She has a cloth body, vinyl hands and head with brown hair, brown eyes, and eyelashes. She was made in China. Any answers will be appreciated. Thank you
I also can't find anything about this 'Uneeda Doll made in China'. They are from the 1960s and value is around 5-15 USD.
Pam - July 9, 2014
I have a Uneeda Baby Trix Action doll in original cardboard suitcase box that I received in 1955. Any idea what it is worth today?
It could fetch some good money. One doll from 1964 was (unfortunately unsold) on eBay but had a price tag of 280 USD.
Mable - November 6, 2011
I am looking for the walking doll out this year with a wedding gown on the dark skin one. Box says wedding princess
You can try and search regularly for wedding princess on this website.