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Tucher + Walther was established in 1977 by Elisabeth Walther and Bernhard Tucher in Nurnberg, Germany, the traditional toy center of the world. Since Nurnberg had a long tradition of manufacturing tin toys, many from old factories that were no longer in production, Tucher + Walther were able to get their hands on a continuous supply of world famous traditional tin toys that could be sold to collectors. As many of the toys needed repair before their re-sale, they ultimately decided to open a small repair shop. Their business took off and the antique toys proved to be best sellers.

In 1979, with hopes of expanding their business, Tucher & Walther decided they would sell not only antique tin toys, but new ones as well. As part of their expansion plans, they decided to exhibit their merchandise at the world famous Nurnberg Toy Fair. Since there were so many exhibitors, many of which were competitors also selling tin toys, they needed to differentiate themselves. In the hopes of drawing attention to their booth, they decided to hand make and display a large tin Zeppelin and tin Ferris Wheel for decoration. These 'decorations' proved to be more popular than the items they were actually selling. Shortly thereafter Tucher + Walther produced their first two original tin toys, with additional designs added each year. Their first original steam-driven items, first introduced in 1982, were a train and boat called the 'Elisabeth Joanna' (named after Mr. Tucher's daughter), similar to their 'Victoria Luise', which is still in production today.

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Tucher Walther value and price guide

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Item Title Date Price
tucher walther white star line rms titanic clockwork Tucher Walther White Star Line Rms Titanic Clockwork 08/2021 $102.50
tucher walther nürnberger blechwaren tightrope walker Tucher Walther Nürnberger Blechwaren Tightrope Walker 08/2021 $186.00
tucher walther t489 african queen tinplate live steam Tucher Walther T489 African Queen Tinplate Live Steam 08/2021 $191.62
steam engine paddle wheeler tucher und walther Steam Engine Paddle Wheeler Tucher Und Walther 07/2021 $701.62
tucher walther german wind up rapping duck toy germany Tucher Walther German Wind Up Rapping Duck Toy Germany 07/2021 $99.99
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices10/2021$-.--

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Comments (3)
Vance - August 30, 2021
Hi there - I;ve just purchased a Tucher and Walther clockwork ferris wheel - could you share more details of origin etc? Thanks you Vance
I'm afraid I don't know.
Carlie - May 16, 2021
Hi, looking for a spare key for the Tucher Walther Titanic Tin Ship. I just bought one and it doesn't have the key, any idea where to find a replacement?
Nice toy, but I don't know where to find a spare key. You could probably use a general one, but I'm not sure. You could ask a seller of this boat to send you a pic of the key, so you know how it looks like: Tucher Walther Titanic.
Steve - September 26, 2019
I need life boats and davits plus bow and stern flags for a TW dreadnought. Is there any source?
It's really difficult to find a source for parts. Maybe you could ask here: Ministeam.com.