Tri-ang Railways was a UK manufacturer of model trains, one of the elements of the Lines Bros Ltd. company who traded using the brands Pedigree, Minic, Tri-ang and Frog. The Tri-ang Railways name was discontinued a few years after Lines Bros. took over the Hornby name although the majority of the trains were still the original Tri-ang models.

Tri Ang Railways value and price guide

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Picture Title Date Sold for
Tri Ang Hornby Railways Stevenson S 09/2019 $207.50
Triang R155 Victorian Railways Vr T336 07/2019 $209.67
Tri Ang Railways Model Gwr R354s R37 4 2 09/2019 $130.00
Triang Victorian Railways Li And 09/2019 $64.78
Hornby Railways Oo R 759 Gwr Hall Class 08/2019 $95.46

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