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The first version of the Palitoy Tressy doll was made in 1964 and she had side glancing eyes and longish rooted hair without bangs. Her hair came in various colours, white, pale blonde, mid blonde, dark blonde, brown and black. She had hard vinyl arms and straight legs and she came in a triangular shaped box with a stand.

Her Hair Grows!

Tressy was dressed in a lemon, blue or pink dress with a little chain belt, white panties and white shoes. The first of these dolls off the production line came with an American Character stamp on the back of her neck. Palitoy then carried on the production without any makers mark whatsoever on the 1st version of the doll. The vinyl used for the heads of the Palitoy dolls is not of the same quality of the American Character dolls and can be prone to discoloration and fading.

The second version of Tressy was made in 1969 to 1973 and had front facing eyes, shorter rooted hair and bangs. The hair colours included white, strawberry blonde, pale blonde, mid blonde, Dark blonde and brown. She had hard vinyl arms and straight legs and came dressed in a gold lamé, silver lamé, red lamé or a short blue nylon dress, the gold and silver lamé both came in long or short versions with white panties and white closed toe mules. Like the first version, a stand was also included. The box held her accessories down one side, brush comb, curlers, clips and ribbons and was open at the front and one side and was shrink wrapped.

The third version of Tressy was called 'Super Tressy' and was made in 1976 of hard plastic with a vinyl head. She had a twist waist, jointed elbows and hands and a permanent key fitted on her back. She comes in a carton styled box with a cellophane insert in the front. She also came as a free gift in the Tressy hair dressing salon set and came dressed in her hairdressing uniform of trousers, top and white slip on shoes with a bow on the front.

The fourth version of Tressy came out in 1979 and had soft vinyl arms that bend and pose, hands that hold that are jointed at the wrist, a twist waist, soft bending posing legs and a permanent key on her back. She also came dressed in a red version of this outfit. She came in a blue and white box with a cellophane front.


Tressy's little sister Toots was sold in 1965 she is 91/2" tall, and has the same grow hair mechanism as Tressy, side glancing blue eyes and posing legs and comes dressed in a white ballet outfit and pumps. She was sold in a triangular box complete with a little white plastic stand.


Sheena was made in 1973 and is18" tall with sleep eyes, rooted lashes and growing hair she had a belly button to make the hair grow and a knob on her back to make it short again. She is shown here in a Sheena outfit and replacement shoes from a grow hair Ideal Crissy doll. She was sold in a carton style box that opens at the top and bottom and wore a lilac suit and shoes.

Updated: 28 September 2021

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Joy - December 9, 2010
Hi, my mom had a 1st edition brunnet tressy doll, in a pink dress. Do you know where I can purchase one?
Stephan - November 30, 2010
Have bought my wife 1960's tressy for x-mas Do you know where I can get the key to wind the hair?
Search for: 'tressy key' on this site.