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Toplay Ltd (1956, Japan), also known as Tokyo Playthings Ltd., are best known by their "three fingers" logo type and initials. They were a third tier manufacturer, and TPS was most active in the late 1950's and early 1960's focusing mainly on the younger child's market segments and creating toys with colorful lithography.

tps toysThe company's current disposition is unknown, but they were assumed to have vanished during the market glut in the early 1970's.

Updated: 24 June 2020

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Item Title Date Price
japan tps 1950 s tin windup clown performing dog Japan Tps 1950 S Tin Windup Clown Performing Dog 09/2021 $76.00
dte tps japan tin battery operated porsche martini Dte Tps Japan Tin Battery Operated Porsche Martini 09/2021 $51.00
1960 s tps pretty little girl bouncing ball tin windup 1960 S Tps Pretty Little Girl Bouncing Ball Tin Windup 09/2021 $40.00
tin lithographed wind up tps clown on roller skates Tin Lithographed Wind Up Tps Clown On Roller Skates 09/2021 $150.00
tin toy japan battery operated mustang stunt car tps Tin Toy Japan Battery Operated Mustang Stunt Car Tps 09/2021 $69.00
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices10/2021$-.--

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Comments (5)
Michael - June 24, 2020
I have a tinplate clockwork circus parade with the 3 fingered hand and TPS below it. It has the key and is in good working order.An elephant is in the lead followed by a clown on a ball,then a clown inside a metal hoop fhen a clown on a ball.What,s it worth?
Have a look here for some prices: TPS Circus.
Harry - August 26, 2018
TPS designed several toys for the Taiwanese Dah Yang toy in the 80s including the Playful Penguin Race/Circus Seals, Jumping Dolphins and Kinsman Robot.
Jim - January 12, 2017
Happy hippo in box in perfect condition
Value: 300-500 USD
Mark - April 5, 2011
I have a pat pend tps mechanical barrel roll race car set with seesaw and i can't find out about it anywhere [age,how many were made,cost etc]. It is in the original box has all parts and is in fully working order. Can anybody out there help me ?
Donna - December 6, 2010
My mother has a Mechanical "Happy the Violinist" in the original box. The box has no company name or logos of any kind, it does have Trademark over a three finger design with T.P.S. in it. This is all over the word Japan. On each end of the box are the words Pat Pend. Again it does not have Cragstan on the box anywhere.
This is a TPS toy and can fetch between 50-200- USD, depending on rarity, state & demand. Search regularly for a tps violinist on this website to see what they fetch.