Tommy Toys

Union City, New Jersey, 1935 - 1938/39.

Founded by Dr. Albert Greene, Charles Weldon, and several other partners. Specialized in miniature soldiers and nursery rhyme figures and vehicles under the name 'Tommy Toy', sculpted and designed by Olive Kooken and Margaret Cloninger. Tommy Toy was acquired by Barclay following financial difficulties.

Tommy Toy value and price guide

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Picture Title Date Price
triang spot on tommy spot 806 royal occasion near Triang Spot On Tommy Spot 806 Royal Occasion Near... 03/2021 $2 361.30
1964 mattel agent zero night fighter machine tommy 1964 Mattel Agent Zero Night Fighter Machine Tommy... 04/2021 $1 693.00
tommy spot service set triang spot on spot on 803 Tommy Spot Service Set Triang Spot On Spot On 803... 04/2021 $1 666.80
tommy spot at home set triang spot on spot on 801 Tommy Spot At Home Set Triang Spot On Spot On 801... 04/2021 $1 527.90
spot on no803 service tommy spot 1960 original Spot On No803 Service Tommy Spot 1960 Original... 05/2021 $1 309.99
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices05/2021$-.--

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