Tomiyama Co.

For many years its symbol was "E.T. Co.", based on the initials of the founder’s name, Eiichiro Tomiyama. He began producing toys in 1924 and his original designs were tin-based toys, a material the company was to favor into the 1950s. At its start, Tomiyama's company was only one of many turning out cheap-to-manufacture products. Yet Tomiyama recognized early on that Japan had the opportunity of becoming a major player in the worldwide toy market. This would happen only if its toymakers ended the often cutthroat competition among them and instead banded together to produce higher-quality, and innovative products.

In 1929, Tomiyama brought together a group of small-scale toymakers into a common association, founding the so-called 'Omocha no machi,' or Toytown. This was to become the heart of the Japanese toy industry. Tomiyama took his vision a step further in 1935, establishing a dedicated research and development center to create new types of toys using new manufacturing techniques, materials, and technologies. From a staff of 20, Tomiyama's R&D team eventually grew to more than 200, located worldwide, a commitment that enabled the company to react quickly to consumer trends and preferences.

World War II cut short the company's toy development as key materials were shifted to support the Japanese war effort. The rapid growth of the Japanese economy in the postwar era, however, and the country's emergence onto the global market as an industrial and technological powerhouse, provided new opportunities for the toy company. Production of toys resumed, and in 1953 Tomiyama formally incorporated the company as Tomy Company.

The 1950s saw the launch of the Tomy brand, soon to become one of the world's major toy brands. An important component of the company's success was its early shift to a new and exciting toy material: plastic. The development of more supple forms of plastic -coupled with an overall consumer enthusiasm for the 'modern' material- offered an entirely new range of toy possibilities. From simple tin models, Tomy's toys achieved an increasing complexity of shapes and forms.

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André - April 12, 2021
Bonjour auriez vous un pilote ainsi qu'un pot echapement pour voiture Tomiyama speedway racer 4 merci
Jerame - July 21, 2020
How much is just the terminal of the japanese E.T. Co tin international air terminal electro toy worth?
I have no idea, but maybe another visitor knows more, or you could try one of the numerous Facebook pages, dedicated to tin toys.
Malcolm - November 22, 2019
Just recently bought a Tomiyama shuttle train
Hi Malcolm, it seems that you're comment didn't get through. I'm afraid this system can't handle special chars...
Ken - November 30, 2015
I have an immaculate Indy 500 1107 race car but the tyres are shot. Where would I find repro spares. Thank you.
Nice car! You could try Red's Toy Parts or Classic Tin Toy. Good luck!
Bill - September 26, 2011
I have a Tomiyama Comet Jetliner and was wondering what the value of this tin toy is? Any help would be appreciated