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Originally created in 1946 by Violet Lee Gradwohl, Terri Lee has been a true family venture for over 60 years. Terri Lee bore the name of Violet's own daughter, while her cousin, noted artist Maxine Stevens, sculpted the original mold in the likeness of her daughter, Drienne. Celebrated artist Lee Platt was one of the original painters of Terri Lee's delicate features and distinctive eyelashes, capturing a signature style that collectors quickly grew to know and love.

Terri Lee was the world's best dressed toddler in the 1940's and 1950's, and a fashion icon to thousands of little girls across the country. At the height of her popularity, her fashion wardrobe consisted of over 500 different exclusive costumes and accessories. Each and every one made with the strictest attention to detail and the highest quality fabrics.


1946-1947: 16" tall, all composition, painted facial features, wigged, doll marked Terri Lee Pat. Pending in raised letters. Sometimes referred to as having "stiff" hair.

1947-1962: 16" tall, hard plastic and vinyl. 1947-1949 Terri Lee Pat. Pending marked in raised letters.

1950-1961 doll is marked Terri Lee. Also a talking doll was issued.

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Sandra - December 17, 2019
My sister bought me a newly made Terry Lee doll thru the American heart association years ago. I had one as a child but it came up missing. My conundrum is she was hardly ever out of her box that she came in. Now we have a mishap her head has split from neckup past her ears. Where can I take her to be repaired. Please help. My sister has passed away and this doll means so much more to me now than ever.
Hi Sandra, I'm so sorry for your loss, and I definitely understand why you want to have your doll repaired. I found a few addresses through Google and one of them is Sherry's Terri Lee Doll Clinic in Kansas. Not sure where you're based, but maybe they can help. Best of luck!