Tek-Hoby is the Swiss distributor of model cars made by Corgi, Eligor, Ixo, Norev, Vanguards, Vitesse and many other manufacturers. The company has been selling model cars under its own brand name since the 1980s, at first resin models of French cars from the 1930s, originally developed by Dubray in France, were re-edited.

In the late 1990s handbuilt resin models of Swiss Saurer trucks were added to the range, and since 2002 diecast models of Saurer trucks and buses, mostly based on former Vitesse castings, have been produced. The car models are made in Portugal, the resin truck models are made in Switzerland, and the diecast models are made in China. Tek-Hoby is also distributing handbuilt models made in Switzerland by Swiss-Mini-43. Source: modelcars.mbeck.ch

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