Tayler & Barrett

Taylor & Barrett produced a number of toys, usually made of lead (by the hollow casting process). The company was established by two brothers-in-law: Fred Taylor and A.R. Barrett.

They produced road signs, petrol pumps and street lamps, plus fire engines and a rather attractive-looking trolleybus. They also made emergency vehicles, an ice cream salesman on a tricycle, plus a number of cars and small commercials, dating from the 1930s.

After the Second World War the two partners went their separate ways, forming 'F.G. Taylor & Sons' and 'Barrett & Sons', London. The London trolleybus was produced in two sizes and after the war it continued in production from 'Barrett & Sons'.

When they seperated they split the moulds the toys were made in and this makes some pieces difficult to identify.

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John - August 17, 2019
How many versions are there of the Taylor Barret trotter horses ?
That's really difficult to say. I see yellow and red carts and riders in different colours. I can't give an exact figure. At the moment there is only one for sale on eBay: Taylor Barrett trotter.