The firm of Sutcliffe Pressings started in 1885 producing domestic utensils and other sheet metal goods. Later, tinplate safelights and trays for film developing processes were made before progressing to the production of a variety of oil cans and, in 1920, tinplate boats.

In 1932 Sutcliffe pioneered and produced boat hulls made from a single pressing as prior to this all boat hulls had been made in two halves and then soldered together. Most of the boats were produced using the 9 inch and 12 inch hull (approx. 23cm & 30cm) although other sizes were also made. As well as boats and submarines small metal pressings such as the metal box used to hold fire blankets, 'penny' loaf tins and a few other toys were made.

Toy production continued until the factory closed in 1984.

Sutcliffe value and price guide

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Picture Title Date Sold for
Bluebird 11 Speedboat Tinplate Clockwork 08/2019 $524.98
Grenville Tinplate Clockwork Battleship 08/2019 $285.54
Tinplate Steel Clockwork Viking Boat 09/2019 $193.35
Valiant Clockwork Battleship 10/2019 $153.65
Unda Wunda Tinplate Clockwork Diving 08/2019 $149.81

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Steve - April 11, 2018
I am in search of a key and bung plug for a Sutcliffe Submarine. It is The Disney Nautilus but I belive any in that era would fit. Thanks in advance!