Louis and Edward Strohacker and C.C. Thompson founded Structo Mfg. Co. in 1908 in Freeport, Illinois. Structo made construction kits (Ready-Built), model car toys and erector sets.

By the end of 1918, Structo launched a new, revolutionary line of 'Auto-Builder Outfits', which included a limited and very impressive selection of cars, trucks and tractors.

Beginning of 1921, these models and a few new models were also being released in a factory assembled 'Ready Built' line.

Updated: 16 Dec. 2015

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Matt - November 6, 2018

Hello, I am in search of an a 1950's era toy truck for my father. Here is what I know.... 1950sChristmas Green in color? Flatbed Hauler If anyone has any info or can help in any way it would be appreciated. Thanks, Matt
►reply: Try Structo truck or if it doesn't have to be a structo: .

Cindy - June 14, 2012

Structo truck Mfg. Co Freeport ILL and C-1598White and red back Price ??

Karen - May 20, 2012

hello we just found a structo car in our heating vents. and have a few questions about it... 1. what year was it made in.. 2. is this a rare car. 3. do you think we find a lucky find here... The car is red and when I looked it up all I found was rare Structo Ford Auto Haul. Inside the roof of the body we found the structo name and the number 1 with it... Please send me any information on it so I let my husband know if he got lucky with the find or. Thanks Karen Mclain. :-)
►reply: Hi Karen! Nice find in your vents!