In 1954, the Strenco Company started its way into the children's rooms of the still young German republic. The firm used the appearance on the Toy Fair in Nuremberg in 1955 to present a wide range of toys. Beside those toys typical for that time, such as commercial vehicles, also the robot ST-1 invented by Georg Köhler could be found.

Strenco timeline

1954 Strenco acquires Hörndlein Company thus entering into the production of toys; before, everyday things such as sheet-metal and plastic spectacle cases and umbrella grips had been produced.

1955 For the first time Strenco presented a wide offer of both purchased and own newly developed sheet-metal toys on the Toy Fair in Nuremberg. The article number 1 was a robot which had been purchased for marketing by Georg Köhler Company. The clockwork-operated toy was able to run straight ahead emitting sparks. One year later the sheet-metal toy was equipped with a sliding car and a technically well contrived remote control. Another product of Köhler was the 'Puss in Boots' (No. 200). The gorgeously designed fairy-tale figure was made of sheet-metal and operated by a clockwork.

1956 The program was enlarged by the commercial vehicles series, an additional product was a complete crane construction set. Article ST 207, the Combi Crane, developed to become Strenco's greates sales-hit.

1957 The first plastic animals appear, such as a polar bear, an elephant etc. This marked the beginning of the age of plastics with Strenco. At that time approximately 60 % of the production was delivered abroad.

1958 The highlights of the Strenco production are presented: the Rocket Transporters Number 1100 and 1105. Model No. 1100 contained a rocket which could be launched by means of a spring.

1962 The stationary rocket base Cape Canaveral with gantry and automatically running erection platform were presented.

1963 A marketing and promotion association with Gescha Company was founded, two years later Ludwig Streng takes over the company of Max Schmid.

1968 It is only due to the high-quality zinc injection-moulded models that Strenco had been able to keep going on the market for some more years. The quality of these products which was later on perfected by Conrad Company.

1971 The whole stock of goods was taken over by Conrad Company, the previous supplier. 2004 50 years Strenco -Strausstoys Company makes revive the 'Strenco' brand. A Golden Jubilee Robot is presented on the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg.

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