STIKFAS are figures which you can assemble yourself. Once built they can be customized with stickers -called Stikers- and different pieces.

The design principle behind a STIKFAS is that all of the joints are ball/socket, and offer exceptional flexibility (different poses), interchangeability, and articulation.


They are sold as assembly kits that include Stikers, accessories, and additional models.

Stikfas Pte. Ltd. was incorporated in August 2001 after a successful collaboration with Electronic Arts (AE). The first STIKFAS Action Figure Kit was made available to the public through online sales at in December 2001.

It all started as a brief concept inside founder BanYJ's sketch book. He grew up with action figures such as G.I.Joe and wished for an action figure that could move and so with a child's heart for play he created Stikfas.


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What's your 'Stikfas' worth? Here are some recently sold items (USA):

Picture Title Date sold Price
Huge 600 Pieces Xevoz Hasbro Modibot Neo 05/2019 $99.99
Set Of 6 3 Cowboy Indian Hockey Baseball 06/2019 $64.99
Hasbro Xevoz Battling Action Figures 05/2019 $69.99
Large Of Hasbro Action Figures 06/2019 $60.00
Xevoz Neo Sapiens Sky Grinder Hasbro 04/2019 $39.99
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