London, England, late 1940s to date. Charles Stadden specialized in military miniatures targeted to the collector as display specimens.

The well-known figures of Charles Stadden (or Chas Stadden) are still produced, their sole distributor, apart from the shop, Tradition, being Peter Kemplay, in Skipton, Yorkshire. When he was with Tradition Stadden produced a wide range of figures from Ancient soldiers to those of Napoleon, an assortment from the British Army, the armies of France, German States, Imperial Germany, of foreign nations such as Japan, Poland, Turkey, and Russia, a variety of American figures, and miscellaneous female figures. His figures have always been very popular with eBay collectors attempting to make military chess sets. For a long time the Stadden figures and Rose Miniatures were the only non-military figures in the standard size.

The early figures produced by Charles Stadden have, over the past 20 years, been improved upon and superseded by a host of artists and engravers who are devoting their talents to the production of masterpieces in a small scale. The last few years have seen the growth of a number of miniature soldier companies which after reaching a peak in production and artistic achievement have then faded from the scene, mostly being overtaken by new firms and newer makers whose ability to produce even more detailed figures is evident from their constantly increasing sales.

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Comments (5)
Joe - January 22, 2020
Could you let me know if the 1978 statue of a Cheshire Regiment soldier be reproduced?
No idea, I'm not affiliated with Stadden... Best is to contact the company, above you can find the link to their website.
Keith - March 10, 2019
I'm trying to determine the Stadden catalogue nos. for 'Drummer Royal Canadian Navy Band 1960' and 'Drummer The Argyll
Fahmy - April 30, 2017
I have this statue made by Chas from year 1940, and i want to evaluate it. i can send you some photos.
Michael - January 15, 2017
I have a pewter number 92 of Lord Robert Baden-Powell with box and all printed material. I cannot find this listed anywhere on any of Chas.C. Stadden sites. I am wanting to know what this statue is worth, it rare? Thank you.
Hi there, I think this is the one you're looking for. It was for approx 80 USD: Stadden Robert Baden-Powell. No idea if it's rare or not. Might be because on eBay you can hardly find them, if at all.
Curtis - May 28, 2012
Are you in a position to tell me what the current value of Stadden soldiers in 70mm size dealing with the American revolutionary War??Thank you
Hi Curtis, you can take a look at eBays completed auctions Stadden 70mm soldiers to get a picture of value.