Sneaky Snake

An amusing game in which players compete to make the l o n g e s t snake.

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3d snakes n ladders game sneaky game of ups downs 2 4 3d Snakes N Ladders Game Sneaky Game Of Ups Downs 2 4 07/2021 $9.99
4 plastic sneaky snakes toys bendy loot party bag 4 Plastic Sneaky Snakes Toys Bendy Loot Party Bag 07/2021 $1.34
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices10/2021$-.--

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1 comment
Linda - August 19, 2011
Sneaky Snake was the simplest game ever for children. I got it about 30 years ago, and it is one game that has a lot of hours on it. (You can tell by the box).My kids loved it from about age 2. It taught them numbers by site, numbers by counting, construction of the snake, and lots of entertainment. When my grandson was 2 (now 18 and still likes the game because of the simple competition of the game),we started playing, and once again, I taped the box so it would last with him growing up. He loved the game. This had to be a very inexpensive item to make (all cardboard like paper) and it certainly got a lot more use than any of the other board games we played. Once again today I retaped the corners, and I have Sneaky Snake on my game shelf waiting for the next 2 yr old to drift my way.It's really a game that should be out for kids today. At least it puts the child with people - unlike the computer and other games. I must say that this was the best $1.00 I ever spent.
Thanks for your story Linda :-) !