Skaneateles Handicrafters toys

In 1936 Marshal H. Larrabee II founded the Skaneateles Handicrafters, a toy company which made wooden toy trains and wooden tracks.

The gauge was very similar to that used by most companies today, and so the rolling stock is compatible. However, the connections for the track pieces were of a different design than the jigsaw style "peg and hole" system used today.

Trains were usually left unpainted and unstained, the parts being made of maple.

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Skaneateles value and price guide

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Comments (3)
Nicole - June 24, 2019
Just wondering about a little wooden tug boat i got at a yard sale. It is s995 tug boat and barge if you could tell me when it was made. I do not want to give it to my grandson if it is a collectors item. I would rather out it up for him for later. Thank you
Sorry, I have no idea... there are two on Worthpoint but without prices unfortunately. Also take a look on Google Images.
Kelly - June 17, 2019
If those are US dollars, they are written incorrectly. Is it 26 dollars 26.00?
I think I've corrected it now, thanks :-)
Brenda - September 11, 2018
Hello! I enjoyed your article on Skaneateles trains and noticed the picture of the Creative Playthings train with the magnetic couplers. No additional information was provided other than SH did manufacture trays for other labels. Would you be able to provide any additional information on SH for CP and how rare the CP trains are/value? Sincerely,Brenda
Hi Brenda, thanks for visiting. I'm afraid I don't have any more information.