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Shari Lewis (1933 - 1998) was an American puppeteer, ventriloquist and (children's) television show host, most popular during the 1960's and 1990's. She is best known as the original puppeteer of Lamb Chop, first appearing on Hi Mom, a local morning show that aired on WNBC in New York.

Born as Sonia Phyllis Hurwitz to Abraham Hurwitz, an education professor at Yeshiva University, and Ann Ritz, she had one sister. Her parents encouraged her to perform, and by age 13 her father taught her to perform specialized magic acts. She also received instruction in acrobatics, juggling, ice skating, baton twirling, piano and violin. She was taught ventriloquism by John W. Cooper. Lewis continued piano and violin at New York's High School of Music and Art, dance at the American School of Ballet, and acting with Sanford Meisner of the Neighborhood Playhouse. She attended Barnard College for one year, then left college to go into show business.

In 1952, Lewis and her puppetry won first prize on Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts television show. In March 1956, Shari and Lamb Chop were on Captain Kangaroo and later that year she had her own show, Shariland, on local TV (first WPIX, later WRCA), which ran through 1958. She graduated to network television in 1960 as host and puppeteer of The Shari Lewis Show on NBC, taking the Saturday morning slot vacated by Howdy Doody.

The program, which run from October 1, 1960 to September 28, 1963, featured such characters as Hush Puppy, Charlie Horse, Lamb Chop, and Wing Ding, a black crow. Lamb Chop, who was little more than a sock with eyes, served as a sassy alter-ego for Shari. Hush Puppy had a reserved shy personality, while Charlie Horse was a slow-witted goofy character. Guest TV and movie personalities and even occasional stars often appeared on her show, as they did later on Jim Hensen's Muppet series.

Capturing kid's imaginations in the early 60s, merchandising opportunities were exploited, and consumer versions of Sherri's initial three puppets sold briskly.

Subsequent television programs re-introduced these characters (minus the black crow, whose characterization became more problematic after the 1960s) to a new generation of children.

In 1992, her new Emmy-winning show Lamb Chop's Play-Along began a five year run on PBS. Lewis starred in another hit PBS series, The Charlie Horse Music Pizza, which was one of her last projects before her death. The video Lamb Chop's Special Chanukah was released in 1996 and received the Parents' Choice award of the year.

Lamb chop puppet

Lamb Chop is a sock puppet anthropomorphic sheep created by late puppeteer and ventriloquist Shari Lewis. In 1957 the character, a female lamb, first appeared during Lewis' guest appearance on Captain Kangaroo in March 1956 and later appeared on Hi Mom (1957–1959), a local morning show that aired on WRCA-TV in New York, New York. Lamb Chop has been described as a "6-year-old girl, very intuitive and very feisty, a combination of obstinacy and know how they say fools rush in where wise men fear to go? Well, Lamb Chop would rush in, then scream for help." Lamb Chop, in all her shows, had referred to her close friend, a girl named Lolly Pincus.

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