Schuco is a German car toy maker founded in 1912 by Heinrich Müller and the businessman Heinrich Schreyer. Originally this company was named as Spielzeugfirma Schreyer und Co., but in 1919 the company changed the name to Schuco.

Schuco logoSchuco's early history was associated with Heinrich Müller who as a 17-year old developed ideas for toys. He registered numerous patents. The name of SCHUCO was given to the toy company which had been founded nine years earlier in 1921 by Heinrich Schreyer from 'Schreyer und Co'. It had been setting new trends from the beginning with mechanical tin toys, such as the most popular toy of the time (20 million sold), the 'Pick Pick'.

Post-war Schuco

After the Second World War, Schuco toys were relaunched - initially these were produced solely for the American market. With the rebuilding of the factory in 1952, SCHUCO became the largest toy factory in Nuremberg with 800 employees. The sale of more than 100 million toys underpinned the impressive worldwide distribution.

DCM, GAMA, Trix and Samba Dickie

After an eventful time in the '70s and '80s, the brand was bought by the English company DCM, but DCM also had to file for bankruptcy in 1980. Many tools and moulds were dispersed throughout the world and some were even scrapped. In 1980, the SCHUCO name was acquired by GAMA, a former competitor, which re-issued the Silver Arrow racing car from that time. In 1993, GAMA merged with TRIX, Schuco had its own management structure and the brand was revived. Three years later SCHUCO became independent again.

In 1999, Schuco became a member of the SIMBA-DICKIE-GROUP based in Fürth, Germany, when the Mangold family, who owned the firm, withdrew from the toy industry. The Group's main brands are SIMBATOYS and DICKIE-SPIELZEUG, and also included are the companies EICHHORN, NORIS, DICKIE-TAMIYA, CARSON, and since 2004, BIG. The SCHUCO brand is blossoming again as part of the SIMBA-DICKIE-GROUP, which is a major company in the toy industry with an annual turnover of approximately 300 million euro.  Other aspects of its renewed success can be attributed to the inclusion of many new product groups and the creative and innovative policies applied to its various ranges.

Highly collectible

Schuco is a reflection of automobile history and is extremely widely known. The highly realistic replicas are a source of tremendous fascination to every car fanatic. Of particular interest are the models of cult brands that have 'died out', like for example the Borgward.

Although Schuco products are classed as toys, they are actually highly sought-after collectors' pieces. This explains why antique Schuco models exchange hands at extremely high prices nowadays.

The Schuco Collectors Club has recently been founded for avid collectors. Once a year Schuco invites Collectors Club members to a big meeting which is also accompanied by brisk trading amongst club members, whose numbers have now grown to more than 1000. Members enjoy exclusive benefits, such as free special edition models and lots more.

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Comments (8)
Leo - December 20, 2018
can you tell me what number schuco key fits the 1006 motodrill racer? thank you
Good question! Not sure, but you could ask here where they sell new replacement keys:
Andy - March 27, 2015
hello,i have been given a dickie spielzeug racing car in a tin and wondered how old it is,any help would be gladly received,Thankyou. Andy
Charlie - March 15, 2014
Hi - I am looking for an English translation of the instructions for Curvo 1000 motorcycle - doesn't ha ve to be an original!Thanks
Henk - February 26, 2014
For my Red Schuco Mirakocar 1001 i am looking for a pdf from the Instruction Text which originally was in the box....Is there somebody who can help me? Thanks!
Difficult, you could try and ask a seller which sells one on ebay to send you a scan perhaps?
Dave - June 12, 2012
Recently acquired what looks to be a French Schuco W/U sedan.When running the car will stop, a door opens showing passenger entering....and bonnet pops open. Stamped on bottom "France 2002" and al the usual Schuco patent info. Can't find it listed anywhere and it's NOT an Acoustico....anyone?
Tom - February 3, 2012
I have a schuco original 2095. I have noticed several different box configurations. Different lids and different holders for key and pylons. Is there info on how to date them? My box lid is full depth. I tore it, trying to open it christmas morning about 1960...What is the best forum for selling this mint toy?
Best is to sell your Schuco 2095 on eBay.
Dave - August 5, 2011
Try this link: Schuco repro boxes.
Bill - November 16, 2010
Hi there, I have 3 or 4 Schuco cars, a Akustico 2002 , a Telesteering car in the box, a 1010, all in nice and working condition. I also have a Huki 1958 or 59 Mercedes 190 sl in excellent cond. like new in the box. Could someone give me an approximate idea of the value of these. I can send pics of these cars.