The Micro Racer is a car you could wind up and by releasing a lever, the car would spin off. It also has a large turn knob at the end of the car which allows for steering.

In 1951 the first Schuco Micro-Racer was introduced, and from the first model the line was an unqualified success. They were well built, beautifully designed and detailed and exceptionally fast.

When the founder of Schuco, Heinrich M├╝ller, died in June of 1958 he was the much honored pater familias of the international toy industry, and holder of more than a thousand patents. But by March of 1977, his absence was felt, and his company was no more.

Schuco Micro Racer

The Nutz Firm, founded by Werner Nutz (Spiel-Nutz), a former Schuco tool and die maker, re-produced in the middle of the 1980s several of these Micro-Racers with the original tooling and some parts which he obtained as part of his severance from the failed company on condition that the name Schuco was to be deleted from the box and the base plate of the model, hence the black strips you can see on Nutz' boxes.

After the death of Nutz these models were sold to the American company Lilliput. The Lilliput group purchased from Nutz' widow his remaining stock of Micro-Racers, a warehouse of replica parts, and the rights and tooling to begin once again the manufacture of the Schuco Micro-Racer line. Production was moved to Czechoslovakia and Hungary.


Schuco Micro Racer forum

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Comments (5)
Georg - January 2, 2020
Hello from Germany, looking for Schuco Micro Racer collectors, but the SMR old models for sharing informations, spare parts and pics of rare models, will be great, thanks....!
I think there is also a Facebook group dedicated to them, not sure, but maybe you can find them!
Mac - December 17, 2019
How do you lubricate Schuco micro racers, particularly the spring?
Carefully spray some WD-40 into the keyhole with the slim, red straw that comes with the can.
John - January 15, 2019
I have two racing cars in operating condition. One was made in US-Zone Germany and the other in Western Germany. Cars are numbered 1040 and 1043. Wondering what they might be close to for value.
Tommy - March 24, 2018
Are there replacement parts for the original Schuco 1043 Racers?
There are a few websites dedicated to Schuco parts, look here.
Microman - July 25, 2017
I noticed that some of the vintage Schuco Micro cars came with black tires. (versus gray). These black tires seem to last longer than the gray ones (which tend to dry out and crack). Are these tires replica replacements, or were they factory items that gradually replaced the gray tires?
Not 100% sure but I think they are factory items... Can't find anything about it.