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The Schoenau & Hoffmeister porcelain factory (also known as: 'Porzellanfabrik Burggrub') was located in Burggrub, Germany. The company and was founded in 1901 by Carl Hoffmeister and Arthur Schoenau but by 1907 the two founders were in disagreement which type of porcelain heads to use for their dolls, Hoffmeister insisted on producing shoulder head dolls, while Schoenau wanted to produce socket head dolls. Unable to resolve these differences Hoffmeister left and Schoenau became the sole owner.

After Arthur passed away in 1911 his son Hans Schoenau took over as director of the company, next directorship was Arthur's widow Caroline and son Curt Schoenau. It was Curt who supplied the sculptor Caesar Schneider with a photo of Princess Elizabeth that was used to make their famous bisque head Princess Elizabeth doll.

Dolls were marked with a star and SPBH. A lot of people confuse this mark with the Simon & Halbig star and SH mark but in fact the SPBH mark is for the German company of Schoenau & Hoffmeister. Most dolls were made with a bisque head and paper mache body.

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Comments (2)
David - February 11, 2021
Hi can you please tel me if an A&S type doll is made by this company
Scott - March 14, 2020
I have a Schoenau Hoffmeister mold 1800 doll with the following markings on the back of her neck the word Germany then underneath that is the letter s followed by the letters p and b inside a star followed by the letter h. Underneath that is the number 1800. Under that is the number 710. She is in good condition. No breaks or cracks in the bisque head or hands and arms. The rest of her body is not bisque but is a soft body. She is wearing a blue dress with lace on the hem and bodice and a lace bonnet. She appears to have her original hair. Any ideas as to her value?
I'm afraid I can't help you Scott. You can have a look here: Schoenau Hoffmeister 1800, if you scroll down there are two sold dolls with this number with prices.