Dayton, Ohio, 1909 - 1931. Carried on the line of "Hill Climber" friction toys, initiated by D. P. Clark & Co.

Specialized in sheet-steel novelty and automotive toys with friction and flywheel mechanisms. These early Schieble friction toys utilize a set of spoked third wheels which contact both the ground and the flywheel.

While not as complicated as for example Dayton toy vehicles, Schieble toys suffer from alignment, binding and slipping problems with the friction mechanism. Later Schieble friction toys utilize a sealed friction mechanism located near the rear axle.

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Comments (2)
Jeannie - August 12, 2013
I have an old son-ny toy wagon which I received in 1970. the gentleman that gave it to me told me it was at least 80 years old then, which I didn't believe. can you tell me when they started producing this wagons so I can get an age on this item. or perhaps some info regarding it if possible, ie the value of it today anything of interest. I have given it to my 85 year old father and he is making me nuts trying to find info on it, anything would be greatly appreciated you have my email thank you kindly
The older the toy, the more difficult to find info. Did you try to look in Google's images for: Schieble wagon (without son-ny) to see if a similar pops up?
Tony - December 8, 2010
I have a collection of Schiebles, and am thinking about selling some of them. Wondering if there is any information available on condition and prices?