Artists Regina and Abhinavo Sandreuter are well known for their beautiful dolls in wood and porcelain. You will be amazed at the balance and range of natural posing from Regina and Abhinavo's patented multi-pose body that allows for very human-like posing. Their very elegant dolls catch your eye with their beautiful and well chosen proportions.

Abhinavo developed a doll body that is unique in its kind and with Regina’s absolute feeling for colour, fabric and texture the doll’s outfits are of a timeless grace and a pleasure to behold. Professional craftsmen make the leather shoes and boots to exact specifications. The clothing, which can be removed, is timeless yet modern, sewn from natural fibers with delicate patterns. Because of the individual hand-painting, unusual jointing and delicate handcarving involved, these dolls are rare and highly cherished. The faces of the dolls are painted with fine details and have a natural atmosphere.

When the Sandreuters felt that wood had revealed all its secrets, they turned to porcelain. As with their wooden sisters, the jointing of the arms and legs is hardly visible and does not impair the beauty of the doll. The porcelain is very fine and the 12 part porcelain body may be posed in every position and the poses which are very natural.

As the couple stopped to make dolls they are rare to find in brand new condition.

Updated: 13 April 2021

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