Saito makes 4-stroke engines and model steam engines since 1949.

If you're looking for (new) parts, they have them but their website is mainly in Japanese. Here is their parts page in Japanese and here their site in English. On their 'Distribution' page you'll find contacts.

Saito Steam forum

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Comments (4)
Takker - January 19, 2020
Regular updates on Saito live steam for sale would be appreciated. Cheers
I'll send out newsletters now and then, and don't forget to check listings from other countries on this website. For example if you click on the USA flag, you'll find other sales.
Brendan - November 28, 2019
I'm after a V4PR engine, any available?
Difficult to find... You could bookmark this page, and maybe someday one will show up: Saito V4PR or you can contact them directly.
Brendan - November 12, 2017
I would like to buy a Saito 3 cylinder steam T3 engine. Availability? Cost (DELIVERED TO 3931 AUSTRALIA) Delivery time?
Hi, best is to contact them directly (see link on my page)
Mike - November 17, 2015
Does anyone know if there are parts available for Saito steam engines? I have a T2GR which I purchased without an intake manifold or exhaust pipes. (no boiler either). Are these available anywhere or does anyone have
On eBay are some boilers, but you could also try contacting them through their official website.