Russ Berrie history

Berrie created in 1964 his first line of manufactured novelty collectible items. He came up with a line of stuffed plush animals and dubbed them the "Fuzzy Wuzzies." In the following year, he supplemented the Fuzzy Wuzzie franchise with the "Bupkis Family," a group of soft, rubbery dolls.

On the basis of the popularity of Russ figurines and collectibles, sales for Russ Berrie & Co. continued to grow throughout the company's first two years. In 1966, Berrie formally incorporated his enterprise. Also that year, the company moved locations. In 1968, as the company shifted quarters again, moving to Elmwood Park, New Jersey, Berrie introduced Sillisculpts, small statues with messages inscribed on them, and these too became popular items.

Key to the company's success was the maintenance of a steady flow of ever-changing merchandise. Stores that sold Russ Berrie products needed a constant stream of seasonal, holiday, and everyday items.

In the early 1980s, the Berrie & Co. continued to expand. In a reorganization of company activities, the firm split its operations into two units: Plush & Stuff: stuffed animals and fabric dolls, and Gift/Expression, which was responsible for figurines, collectibles like picture frames, greeting cards, magnets, mugs, etc.

Russ Berrie bears

Russ BerrieBerrie, who was 69, founded Oakland-based Russ Berrie and Company, Inc. in 1963, and over the last 39 years built the $300 million company into one of the world's premier lifestyle gift companies, selling bears and other stuffed animals, trolls, oily jigglers, figurines, collectibles and more. In addition to his business accomplishments, Berrie devoted endless energy and resources to numerous charitable causes. His slogan was:

Make someone happy.

The company doesn't exist anymore. Read here more about Russ Berrie and his foundation.

Updated: 14 November 2019

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Russ Berrie value and price guide

What's your Russ Berrie Ginger Jar worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

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Russ Berrie forum

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Comments (123)
Sam - September 4, 2021
I am wondering where I could find older catalogs from about 1967-1975. Specifically ones containing SILLISCULPTS.I have a collection of about 150 of them and need some reference on what I'm missing. Thanks.
Not sure, but if I found one I'll let you know. Meanwhile you can go this page to see if you can find missing pieces: Russ Berrie Sillisculpts.
Gary - August 17, 2021
Hi, I am trying to start up a oily jiggler collection. They are hard to come by. I have one i bought in 1968 as a young kid. Thanks Gary
Hi Gary, great choice for a collection! this link might come in handy to (internationally) search for them: Russ Berrie Oily Jiggler.
Alex - August 6, 2021
I'm looking for a bear - he's dark brown with long legs and arms and mostly filled with PE pellets. The tag says Buddy Item No. 4873 (and if it's helpful, the back says KC6 Pa. Reg. No. 259). Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
Jill - July 25, 2021
I'm looking for Russ Burrie. Muffin dog, 10 to 12 in. My 5 year old granddaughters was taken and destroyed by an abusive person, and without her finding out, I'm tring to replace it, and have Muffy come home.
Hi Jill, they're sometimes on eBay, but hard to find since the're from 1979, so sorry. Here is a link you could check now and then to see if one pops up: Russ Berrie Muffy. Hope you find one soon!
Heather - July 23, 2021
I'm searching for a Vintage 1977 Winston plush toy, Russ Berrie & Co, approx 14" long (dog). I'm wondering if you might have one or know somewhere else I might have luck finding one. Thank you for your time
Try this page: Russ Berrie Winston, maybe you'll find one.
Mike - July 21, 2021
Searching for item 25771 angels watching over you
Annalie - July 20, 2021
Hi there - I am looking for a similar teddy to my childhood one. It was a polar bear, about 12” and on the tag it was called ‘OZZIE’ I think it was a Russ Berrie teddy (my dog chewed the label off!) I was wondering if you knew if each teddy was called a different name? I’ve found one which is almost identical but has a different name on the tag. Thanks so much
Hi, I saw to 'Ozzie' bears for sale on eBay: Ruzz Berrie Ozzie. Yes, they used a lot of different names, but they were also shared between different plush animals. So were also other animals named Ozzie.
Alexis - July 18, 2021
Hello, been searching for item no. 507, Sad Sack (Basset Hound) released in 1980. Anyone have any idea on where to find one?
Amanda - March 16, 2021
Hi I am looking for the stuffed animal Russ luv Clem cow model item number 3480 9706
Yellow horns. I could only find a listing on but it is unavailable.
Extremely important, I have been searching for it for the last 10 years and finally figured out that it is this exact model. Thanks!
Justice - February 23, 2021
I need to find the Russ Berrie strawberry rattle plush item number : 21744
its a lamb
Not sure, maybe here: Russ Berrie lambs.
Rebecca - February 7, 2021
Hi, I’m wondering if this fudge puppy toy is able to purchased.
Item number 4523 I believe
Not sure, but you could always check here to see if you can find it: Russ Berrie Dogs.
Luce - January 15, 2021
I recently bought this Peanut Butter bear, whose item number I think is 581 (but google only brought me to a monkey plush) from a secondhand shop and was wondering if anyone here knew his year!
Hi, there is one for sale right now, so you could ask the seller: Russ Berrie Peanut Bear.
Christine - January 14, 2021
What is the value of this? Item number 13860. Thank you!
No idea, but if I someone else knows, I'll forward you the details!
Tami - January 14, 2021
Looking for muffy doll from the 70's on September 20 in these comments- Sheila asked value of her doll.
Details forwarded.
Kai - January 13, 2021
I was looking for Russ berrie clown cat doll if there anyway to find one
Browse now and then this page and maybe you'll find one some day: Russ Berrie Cats.
Ann - January 1, 2021
Russ berries skunk #984
Danny - December 4, 2020
I am looking for this Russ berrie clown cat doll. The item number is #2088. It would be very much appreciated if you have any info.
Difficult to find unfortunately... have a look now and then on this page: Russ Berrie Clown.
Emma - November 24, 2020
I have been looking for a Russ berrie polar bear for a long time. The item number is 4977 please help me
You could try this page: Russ Berrie Polar Bears. Some sellers don't use the item nr in their listings.
Jen - November 23, 2020
There is a cat or bear I've had ever since I was a month old in the hospital with a cold (I stopped breathing twice), and I found another when I was 7 (someone lost it and the store person said I could have it since it had been there for a long time). I got them in 1992, and 1999 (though the second was probably previously owned and no longer in production). When I was a kid, I had removed the pink bow from both and twisted the arm of the first until it permanently kept its arm down. The closest thing I could find was the Russ Huggles, but that is a bear, with a short tail. I've never heard of a bear with a long tail, so I've long thought mine were kitties (Kitty and Kitty-Cat, I named them). The item number is 4992, and the patent number is 259. Both plushes have the same numbers. What is the actual name of the toy (Huggles with a long-tailed defect? Or something else?), and why is it so rare? I've never found anything close until now (Huggles, but again, those have short tails). The pink color is a little off since I took them out of storage and found them a bit moldy. (I'll try the freezing with baking soda in a bag trick to kill the mold, and then gently hand wash them.)
Thanks for your sharing your story. I'm afraid I don't have the answers to your questions, let's hope another visitor knows more. I'll forward any info I get! Have a great December :-)
Staci - October 27, 2020
I am having no luck finding another set like this. “The Night Before Christmas” 6 piece. The only one I see comparable is the “A Christmas Carol” set.
I am interested in when it was produced and if it has any value?
Hi, I can't find anything either... maybe it has a different name? Maybe another visitor knows more about your set.
Jeanette - October 24, 2020
I'm trying to locate a 16" Russ Berrie Happy The White Clown Teddy Bear Plush NWT
Jessie - October 24, 2020
I found this guy "Jack Pumpkin" at my local thrift store, He has both his tags but neither tag as the date he was made by Russ Berrie & . . Just looking for a little background on this guy! Thanks
Can't tell you anything about it, sorry! Russ Berrie made so many dolls... ;-) I saw one these for sale for about USD 13. Have a look here: Russ Berrie Jack Pumpkin.
Sigrid - October 11, 2020
It is a cuddly toy that I have since I was little, I wanted to look for it but I can't find anything about the cuddly toy, it says on the label that it is item n° 1037, please, I really want to know more about this cuddly toy.
I can't find any info on your Russ Berrie clown bear no. 1037, sorry!
Paula - October 9, 2020
I have a mug, large one, which has a number on the bottom, 12823. It has blue and yellow teapots, with words, coffee, tea, sugar, etc. It was made in the Philippines. I would like some info on this item. I have tried several different searches and don't find any info. Thank you for your time.
I can't find anything, but maybe other visitors know more. I'll forward any message I get Paula!
Betty - October 3, 2020
Have a Black Baby Giggles Troll Doll with date of birth March 1, 1994. Will not work anymore. Can you tell me where I could get fixed.
I am sorry, I have no idea... Maybe find a spare one: Baby Giggles for parts or Google 'doll repair'.
Gen - September 25, 2020
I have a Priscilla plush doll, but her name is spelled "Priscella" rather than "Priscilla" on the tag. I can't find any others like her and am curious if she is worth anything. She is in perfect condition and has all original pieces.
I don't think she has more value than the 'Priscilla' dolls', but I'm not sure. You could also ask in this Facebook group called 'Let's ID Our Dolls', maybe they know more.
Michelle - September 22, 2020
Found this at a yard sale. What's it worth???
Your Russ Berrie Ginger Jar has a value of I think around 10-15 USD.
Sheila - September 20, 2020
I have Muffy from the 70’s, and wondering if she’s of any value. She has her original clothes, hat, and shoes.
They are difficult to find. Last July there was one for sale on eBay for 49 USD.
Karyn - September 19, 2020
I am trying to find a small Marvin Orangutan Monkey Item 7672
Bookmark this page to check it regularly. Maybe one day it will show up: Russ Berrie Orangutan.
Steve - September 11, 2020
Tami - We have 12 Gipper monkeys and 4 mini gippers. They all have names and mostly great condition.
Message forwarded.
Laura - September 5, 2020
Hi, I have a Yakadactyl plush from the 80's or 90's and cannot find any info on it other than a mug and a button. Any help would be appreciated.
Sorry, I couldn't find anything either. You could try Google Images for: Russ Berrie Luv Pets Dinosaurs.
Shaz - August 28, 2020
I have a brown tabby cat Whiskers, nr 2480. I'd like to know when she was made. When were these cats in production?
I have no idea, sorry...
Debbi - July 20, 2020
I am looking for Doug Harris ~ “ I deliver for you“ figurine. Item No. 100688. I bought this for my husband years ago he is retired from the post office in middle of packing to move I broke it. I appreciate any help you can give me finding him. Thank you and have a nice day!
Difficult to find! Have a look here, maybe you can find what you're looking for: Russ Berrie Doug Harris.
Shannon - July 16, 2020
I am looking for “Dilly” duck in any condition. Yellow with orange feet approx 12-15 inches
You could try this page to see if you can find yours: Russ Berrie Ducks.
Sally - July 12, 2020
I have a white kitty named Kimmy K-32 item 754 pa reg nr.259. Can you let me know what it would be worth? Thank you
I'm seeing a Kimmy Cat on eBay right now for 35 USD.
Bryce - July 7, 2020
I own a plush cat called "Lil Twinkle" with Christmas colored plaid (primarily green, red, with gold sewing) feet, hands, and small bow tie. I have been looking for another if it's type. It's item number is Item No. 6438 or 6488 and it's very, very similar to a small 6inch item called "Twinkle Bears", but it's for sure a cat as it has whiskers.As with all of the others, I have had much difficulty locating another one.
Hard to find. You could try this page to see if you can locate one: Russ Berrie Cats.
Sonia - July 5, 2020
I need info on “ The First American” collection:AA1271AA1706
Dianejili - July 1, 2020
I am looking for a an exact bunny to my current one. It is an 18" creme bunny with the Tag "Blushes". I have done some research but I can only find the one that looks like it but it only has the name "Opal".
Visit this page now and then to find out if someone has listed one: Russ Berrie Blushes
Tami - June 28, 2020
Looking for “gipper” in any condition
Dani - June 26, 2020
I have a bear by Russ. I got him when I was born and would like to see a photo of the bear type I have because my teddy is quite worn and used. His reg no. 259 and item number is either 37852 or 37352 (i cant quite tell because its slightly worn)
Jaycee - June 14, 2020
I have a miniature bear by russ. Small vintage brown bear. Ps.reg No. 259Russ berrie and Co. IncId like to sell it but I cant find the proper amount to sell it for. I cannot find this bear anywhere on the internet.please help.
Not sure... maybe you can find yours here: Russ Berrie Bear 259.
Prescilla - June 10, 2020
I currently have two Erin bears and I'm looking for more! They are green with a gold shamrock on their foot. (Currently google only show me Erin from TY.)
Don't forget to look here, some sellers don't know the names of their bears ;-) Russ Berrie Bears.
Noor - June 8, 2020
Hello, I am looking for images of the Russ Berrie Rabbly Rabbit plushie. It was made around 2004 maybe. Thats when I purchased one. Thank you.
Did you try Google Images?
Becca - May 28, 2020
I'm looking for an Alfie bear
I saw one for sale on eBay UK: Russ Berrie Alfie. Maybe the seller ships international...
Annabella - May 19, 2020
i am trying to find my tiggy
Maybe have a look here: Russ Berrie Tiger.
Georgia - May 18, 2020
Hello, I have a question about a bear and where I could possibly get it from. Could you please email me? The bear is a 12” Tall Berrie Plush Russ Stuffed Bear. Thank you!
Have a look here for 12 inch plush bears: Russ Berrie Plush Bears.
Jeannie - May 14, 2020
I have an aviator bunny, white wearing blue coat and helmet. Tag says Ace. I have not been able to find it on the internet. Can you tell me anything about it. Thank,you, Jeannie
Hi, Russ made several stuffed aviator animals, however, I can't find this particular one, sorry!
Richard - May 12, 2020
Hi there just try to figure if an item I have found is worth anything or goes with something else/what’s its name it’s a a little baby blue plane. Item nr. 8232
I can't find it anywhere, sorry...
Emily - May 5, 2020
I am desperately looking for Russ Berrie 4 Easter Luv Bunch Plush Lamb 20050!!!!
Difficult to find right now... You could have a look here now and then and maybe one day you'll find one: Russ Berrie Easter Lamb.
Helen - May 3, 2020
I am wondering how you tell a mass produced item to a non mass produced item. I am finding the labeling system of russ quite hard and what the different coloured tags mean and the numbers using found after made in china. Please help
Sorry Helen, good question! And I have no idea... If I come across any info I'll definitely contact you again.
Joni - April 22, 2020
I have a Russ Berrie Polly the Pig. She is pink with a bow, squishy body and 4 painted hard feet. Her tag says she is Reg nr.259. Any idea of her worth? Thx!
Around 5-10 USD/GBP.
Kendall - April 20, 2020
Hi, I am looking for what I believe to be a Russ teddy. Purchased in 2008 - light pink in colour / soft / pink nose and had 2 silver love hearts embroidered on one foot. First teddy and in desperate need to want to replace it. I have a photo if that is helpful to anyone.
You could also try this page to see if you can find another bear: Russ Berrie Pink Bear.
Kendall - April 20, 2020
Hi, I posted yesterday not exactly sure of the name of the bear I was looking for. I now know I am looking for a Plush Stuffed Pink Russ Berrie Rosemary Bear Snuggly Shaggy Fuzzy Heart 18. There is a listing on EBAY but they don't post to Australia. Any ideas on where or how I can get this teddy. Please HELP!!!
Maybe another visitor has one... If so, I'll forward messages to you.
Stephenie - April 18, 2020
I have a Russ Berrie Christmas Rocking Horse Item nr.14080, tan color, with head tucked down rather than up in the air like the white one I have seen. Cannot find an item like it to establish value. Thanks.
I'm afraid I can't find yours either... Try this page now and then to see if one pop ups one day: Russ Berrie Rocking Horse.
Margaret - April 6, 2020
I am attempting to replace one of my favorite Christmas tree ornaments that I had for a long time. It is the . "A Royal Winterfest" -Angel With Flute Item No. 10513. It was part of a collection but I had the angel plating flute and it was a prized ornament that I would like to replace. Please tell me you are able to help me with this item
Difficult to find... Have a look here: Russ Berrie Winterfest or Russ Berrie Angel. (you could bookmark these pages or subscribe to the newsletter to see if someone put it up for sale).
David - April 6, 2020
hello. I am checking the value of The Bunny Boutique sculptstone Bunny Figurines part numbers 14166 and part number 14167... Thank you
I can't find them by number, but you could try this page: Russ Berrie Bunny Boutique.
Babette - March 28, 2020
Hello. I’m trying desperately to find the vintage Russ Babette plush doll for my niece.It’s from 2001, i believe. It’s pink, 12 inch with an internal rattle and embroidered bow on chest. I have a photo.
Hi, you could have a look on this page: Russ Berrie Babette. If the doll you're looking for is not there, you could subscribe to the newsletter and maybe one day one will pop up.
Donney - March 11, 2020
I have to Russ Berrie teddy bears that I can't identify because there's no picture on the net that looks like them can you help
Sorry, best is to look here if you can find your bear: Russ Berrie Bears.
Cecile - March 5, 2020
Good morning!We are searching for a Russ Berrie Pink Plush Bunny, do not have the exactly item number but it was so alike to the Russ Berrie nr.20050, the one that we are looking for is all made with plush... Do You have any? or Do You have who has one?.... We would love to buy one of them...Thank You so much for Your help.
Hi there, I don't have any, but you could try and look here: Russ Berrie Pink Bunny. Hope you find one :-)
Alexandra - March 3, 2020
Hi. I recived a Kolina teddy bear the day I was born. I've always had it with me and I was looking to get another one but, I can't find another. Can anyone help?
You just missed one, last month one was sold on eBay... :-( What you could do is subscribe to the newsletter on this page: Russ Berrie Kolina and when one shows up, you'll be notified.
Cynthia - February 14, 2020
My late Mother gave me the large and small Rosetta bears as a gift years ago. Unfortunately, I can not remember the year. Can you please give me an idea as to when they were produced. I am 71 y/o and they still bring joy and are a great remembrance of happy times.. Sincerely,Cynthia
Hi Cyntha! I am so sorry, but I have no idea... I have looked at a few here: Russ Berrie Rosetta, but I can't find any dates. They are retired, that's for sure. Problem is they were probably made for a few years and I can't find when Russ started producing them.
Michale - February 2, 2020
Hi. I have a large (70cm) teddy bear with the label saying item SS522. Any ideas what the bear is or value? Thanks
Sorry, I can't find anything with that number.
Tina - January 28, 2020
Hi, I have a tickles tiger that has an esso t-shirt on, also made by Russ. I can’t seem to find anything online to say if they came together. Any help appreciated. Many thanks
I have no idea Tina. There is one for sale right now on eBay. Maybe it's yours, if not you could ask the seller.
Peter - January 26, 2020
Hi,I am looking to getthe Giraffe kookie Kritter in the Russ Berrie collection by Doug Harris. Can anyone help me pleaseThanks Peter
Quite rare and difficult to find... You could subscribe to my newsletter via this page: Russ Berrie Kookie Kritters and maybe one day one will pop up.
Olivia - January 14, 2020
I had the kitten ,pepper, and the mother, Smokey,but I have lost the mothers and I cannot find a mother teddy.
Hmmm... Have you tried this page? Take a look here: Russ Berry Smokey.
Craig - December 26, 2019
I have a 10" Russ bear with plastic paws and head, soft body, pretty dress and headband, holding a crimson heart. Does this bear have a name?
Hi, have a look here to see if you can find yours: Russ Berrie bear with dress.
Chelsey - December 18, 2019
Hi, I have a Jimby reg 259, I would love to know the year of it, as I found this teddy when I was 3 years old outside my grans house. I loved this monkey stuffed toy my whole life and still have him, any ideas? Thanks x
Hi, I think they were made a couple of years, so it's difficult to determine year. Have a look here to see if you can find yours, and maybe you can find more info: Russ Berrie Jimby.
Ryan - December 8, 2019
Looking for a white vintage bear that brother had gotten 30 years ago when he was born.. he lost this bear in an accident and was upset when he realized it was gone. It’s says k-25 and serial nr. 839.. if anyone can find me this bear to buy I’d appreciate it so much, thank you
Search for Russ Berrie White Bear and Russ Berrie K-25 on this site regularly and who knows, someday one will pop up...
Christine - December 5, 2019
I have Russ "All About Jazz" porcelain figurines. Bass player, trumpet player, drummer, banjo player, and saxophone player.I am not able to find any other items like this for sale. Can anyone give me an estimate of worth or if any have been sold?
I'm sorry, I can't find any info on your figures... Bookmark this page and check it now and then to see if new listings pop up: Russ Berrie All About Jazz.
Vern - December 1, 2019
Looking for Sno-Day Memories snowman figurine called Sno-Flake Secrets.
Difficult to find... You could try this page: Russ Berrie Snowman.
Michael - November 27, 2019
I am looking for a toy made under applause. I can find zero info besides the 2 versions of the toy. One that I just won at auction. But is still not the one I had as a kid. Who can I ask how can I find out more info on a toy from 1987
It's very difficult to find out more info on old toys and dolls besides the value. I can only suggest going to this page now and then to see if you can find yours and maybe the seller could then tell you more about it: Russ Berrie Applause.
Ali - November 25, 2019
Peanut butter no 576
One was for sale on eBay a couple of months ago for 10 USD.
Sherry - November 7, 2019
I have a Rebecca doll item number 6628203,TP-5, it belonged to my Great Aunt,was wondering when she could have een made, and would she be a collectors item,and how much would she be worth,She's in excellent condition!
Not sure, but you could check out this page to see if you can find yours.
Misty - October 27, 2019
I have a little golden honey colored Pennington bear. I've looked at many other Pennington tush tags, and mine is slightly different. On the backside, right before the patent reg. number...they say KC1. Mine does not have that, instead it has "0028". Do you know why?
No idea, maybe another visitor knows? There is are also Russ Berrie Facebook groups, maybe you can post your question there as well.
Liz - October 19, 2019
I have a pink "Sammy" rattle dog I got when I was a child, I was trying to figure out how old he is. Item no. 9240 I believe.
Sorry, can't find it either. You could look here now and then for new listings, maybe a seller one day knows the answer: Russ Berrie Sammy Dog Rattle.
Vickie - September 25, 2019
I have "Joy" the monkey from the I believe in you series,also from the Heartcraft collection;Farm Friends the green frog. Are these a hard to find item now? I bought them in the 80's and have had them boxed up ever since. What is there value? Thank you
Have a look here Russ Berrie Believe You to find more prices.
Niki - September 16, 2019
I found a Russ Berrie Mop Hear Lion on etsy. My dad had the same toy design, but it was a blue dog. Do you have any tips on where I could find one (or a picture of one), or possibly have it made by someone?
Difficult to find! Look regularly on this page, maybe one day one will pop up: Russ Berrie Lion.
Anneke - September 6, 2019
Is Russ Berrie item no 4007 worth anything?
Sorry, I can't find any info on this number...
Patti - September 5, 2019
I’m trying to figure out how old coco the monkey is
Not entirely sure, but I think Coco the monkey is probably made for the first time in the mid-1970s, but also later.
Lela - August 25, 2019
Hi there I am hoping someone can help me. I found a "Montana" bear at a thrift store. I compared it to pics of other Montana bear and it is exactly the same except in one detail. I noticed that all of the bear have a small thick pole with a fish attached. My bear has a much different pole. It is longer and skinnier. It is made of metal painted a reddish brown. The handle part of the pole is made of wood and it almost looks hand carved. The reel is made of wood and has been hand painted. There is no fish attached.
Your bear has probably lost its original pole and got it replaced by a handmade one Lela. Take a look here: Russ Berrie Montana for more Montana bears so you can compare them with yours.
Mike - August 19, 2019
My mom's aunt who passed when I was little gave me a teddy bear that had a yellow t-shirt that read "god loves you" on it. I slept with it up until it vanished when I was a teenager (I think my mom nabbed it for sentimental purposes) I'd like to know, if possible, how long it was made (I was born in '82) and if I can find the exact one for my collection of plushes. thank y'all so much.
Hi there! Is this the one you're looking for? Take a look here: Russ Berrie God Loves You.
Kunuz - August 17, 2019
hello, i beg of you to help. I got the big size cat (light brown tripes and green eyes). I want that same but a smaller size. If you know where I find fine one then please !!
Here you'll find lots of cats, maybe you find the one you're looking for: Russ Berrie cats.
Josh - August 9, 2019
I'm looking for a specific russ berrie bunny rattle I got in 1998 when I was born. It's blue, i know there is a bear that is like it, but i'm looking for the bunny. I don't know how else to describe it but I have pictures.
Well, Russ Berrie made many rattles :) You could search for Russ Berrie Bunny Rattles, maybe you'll find one like yours.
Monica - July 19, 2019
I have a 4 1/2" bear.porcelain head hands and feet. Sift body,cute pink dress with knickers.Marked on tag 'Russ Berrie
Value is around 10-15 USD.
Astrid - July 18, 2019
I am looking for: more modern looking Russ (Bear?) with really long legs compared to rest, possibly bendable. Paws are kind of a clunmp. The photo I have only shows part of the tag "..berz". It is mainly light brown, has a dark brown spot around his right eye and ear, tail dark brown too. Area around mouth and nose is white. Any idea? I fell in love with the pictured animal but simply can't find it anywhere.
Not sure... Did you try Russ Berrie bears?
Eli - July 17, 2019
I am looking for PLUSH RUSS BERRIE TURTLE TUDDLES. They no longer have it in stock and my little girl lost hers and prays for him every night. If anyone knows how I can find one, PLEASE!
Sad to hear :-( They seem to be hard to find now... Check regularly this link: Russ Berrie Tuddles and maybe one will show up soon (hope so!)
Lisa - July 15, 2019
I have a few from the 70s I would love to sell
Joan - July 11, 2019
Have a golf mug want more of them. How to order? Thanks
Hi, you can have a look here to see what's for sale right now: Russ Berrie golf mugs.
Louise - July 9, 2019
I have a dog he is 1975 I got it when I was a child
Susan - June 20, 2019
I would love to find a new large Samuel Spaniel dog. My daughter kept hers through college and he traveled everywhere with her. He was lost on her honeymoon cruise. He was her best friend.
How sad!! Try this page, maybe you'll find one for your daughter (hope so!): Russ Berrie Spaniel.
Katherine - June 10, 2019
My daughter likes Russ Berrie bears. She got her first Russ Berrie bear at a yard sale when she was 2 years old. My husband recently purchased four more Russ Berrie bears at a yard sale last week. But my daughter does not like the bear named Pudgy. Is the bear worth anything? Pudgy is beige coloured and has two soft leather strips for a tie. Item no. 4350. If someone can let me know if the bear is worth anything, it would be greatly appreciated.
Hi there, look on this page to find your Pudgy and values: Russ Berrie Pudgy.
Brandy - June 2, 2019
hello,I am trying to find information on an old vintage Russ Berrie tabby cat. I found a larger version K-50 or no 351. There is also a smaller version of that cat, and I believe that number is 7607. I am trying to find the production date, and cant find anything about this cat. Any help is appreciated.
Hmmm... no idea! You could try and search for Russ Berrie Tabby to see if you can find yours.
Jordan - May 11, 2019
Hi my fiance had a large dog with a love heart in its mouth she bought in the early 2000’s unfortunately it was destroyed in a fire since then we managed to find a small version at a car boot but even online i cant find either the small or large version the small versions product number is 99086 if that helps any help will be greatly appreciated
Difficult to find! Keep looking for a Russ Berrie dog and hopefully one will show up one day...
Claudia - May 3, 2019
We bought a green caterpillar for my son while in New Zealand in 2007 we now live in Paraguay (South America), and wondering if they still sell them anywhere.
Ah, you mean 'Mili The Caterpillar' :-) Check this page: Russ Berrie Caterpillar for listings on eBay or if you prefer, you can also buy one on
Sandy - May 2, 2019
I was a salesperson for Russ. What a great company to work for. The man was a good person and a friend to me for years. He helped me become a good salesperson, almost as good as Russ himself lol
Thanks for sharing Sandy, sounds like you learned a lot from Russ :-)
Janelle - April 17, 2019
I have been looking for a Russ Berrie Purple Bunny/Rabbit. I had got one back in 1990, the IN is 892 the name is Brucie. I would like to have another one and put the one up that I have for safe keeping. I would like some help please and thank you.
Look for Russ Berrie bunnies on this website and maybe you can find yours.
Del - March 19, 2019
I'm searching for a pair of Russ Berrie blue porcelain baby booties 'Anthony'. Any help will be greatly appreciated and I will pay a fair price plus all postage. Thank you.
Also try searching this site for Russ Berry Baby Booties.
Gayle - March 8, 2019
I am looking for a replacement Mr Snowman, for Winter Gatherings Salt and Pepper Shaker set. My husband broke Mr Snowman while putting him back in the box.Hearbroken i have had this set years.item number 33656. Would appreciate it if anyone can help.
Try this link: Russ Berrie snowman.
Terri - March 7, 2019
Hello! I searched everywhere on the Internet and can't find the Russ Berrie cow I have! It says "MOOZY" on the tag and has the nr. 495. It has a large wind up key on the side and plays "Old McDonald had a farm" AND her head slowly moves to the music! It is White with Pink and has yellow feet and ribbons on her head.Do you have any info about it? I just don't understand why I can't find it anywhere? Thank you!
I can't find anything about it either! Are you sure it's a Russ Berrie? The brand is now owned by Kid Brands, Inc.
Matthew - February 27, 2019
I am looking to replace a bear-item nr.3091 named "Canterbury"and is grey in colour, purchased in the late 1990's. I can provide pictures if needed. Any information would be much appreciated. Thank you!
Hi, have you tried searching for Russ Berry Canterbury?
Tom - February 19, 2019
I am looking to replace your 1973 Pip ducks. I have some yellow, pink, and neon green ducks. Did you ever make a larger version of this duck?
Hi there, I am not an official Russ Berrie site, sorry. I don't think they made larger versions.
Susan - January 27, 2019
Angel figurens
You can find angel figurines by searching for Russ Berrie Angels. Hope this helps!
Marta - January 19, 2019
Hello, I am looking for a teddy bear, with a pink flower in the head and another in the pink jumper. The item number on the tag is 3370Y.
Search for: Russ Berrie Bear Pink and Russ Berrie Flower, maybe you'll find them.
Lyndsey - December 12, 2018
Hello, I am looking for a stuffed mouse made by Russ Berrie. The item number on the tag is 7687. My sister lost hers, back in the 90's, when she was young. My boyfriend's childhood toy happens to be the same mouse. I am using the information on the tag of his mouse to hopefully find one for her.
You can try this link: Russ Berrie mouse or persuade your boyfriend to give her his mouse ;-)
Erika - August 26, 2018
I'm looking for the 4 angels, peace,hope,love,joy. They are holding hands, to make a circle. A large cylindrical candle goes in the center of the angel circle.
Try and search for russ berrie angel. Good luck!
Jeff - June 15, 2018
i am looking for the 26inch "jumbo size" curious george. this was made by russ berrie around 2006-2008. this was before gund, and applause had the license. i think these look the most like the original curious george, help me find one!
Joed - May 2, 2018
I am looking for Russ Berrie Luv Dog. Sparks. Sparky is a black and white Cocker Spaniel,15 cm. Grand Daughter has loved it to" Pieces" so seeking a replacement.
Also try to search for Russ Berrie Spaniel.
Rina - March 1, 2018
I am looking for item 23205 Russ Berrie Luv Dog Snaps for my grandson. He lost his, thanks
There is one for sale on eBay right now: Russ Berrie Snaps.
Patty - February 6, 2018
I have a green turtle sitting up with the word SHY across his middle, right above his hands which are sewed together. The tag states "In your face" but the item number pulls up a completely different doll. Can you please tell where to look up the value of this particular one.
A - January 17, 2018
I am looking for a Russ plush cat I bought in 1989 to give my Mom who was in Intensive care. She loved it. When she died we kept it with her mementoes. UNFORTUNATELY someone accidentally gave it away. Sis and I were heartbroken. I am pretty sure it was Russ Number 259, and then another number 7977. I found (and have) a photo of it I found on a retail web site -- sadly it had been SOLD...
Sorry to hear this... You can try looking on this page for a Russ Berrie 259.
Irka - May 28, 2017
I've had a charisma blue scented unicorn for practically my whole life- it obviously has almost completely lost its scent nowadays and if anyone knows where I could find this jasmine-like scent or ANYTHING SIMILAR, pleeeeease tell me!!!!
No idea! That will be difficult... Either try and find another unicorn or buy a newer scented russ berrie.
Marsha - May 10, 2015
I found a teddy bear in storage. I remember seeing it in my deceased mom's home in the 1970s. It is approx. 25 inches and in perfect condition. The label says: Bennington machine washable, Russ Berrie
Anonymous - March 21, 2015
I am looking for a White stuffed russ berrie cat. It has brown eyes, a small pink nose, and a plaid bow. I got it from a hospital gift shop in the late 90's. I found a grey one with a tag that says Frisky.
Lisa - December 14, 2014
I recently purchased a Russ Berrie and Company Rabbit / Bunny at an estate sale. It looks vintage, but I can't seem locate anything like it online. It's tan and white, with white fur between it's ears, black plastic eyes, red plastic nose and is holding a blue egg / ball. It was made in Korea and the tag reads (Pa Reg. No. 259, Maine No. 76, Mass. No. 200). Any information that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
If it's an egg it could be a Russ Berrie easter rabbit. Check Google images if you can find yours.
Debbie - November 11, 2014
looking for a russ berrie bear that is tan in color is about 11" tall has a leather like nose with the name Honey on the tag perhaps made around 1983 thanks
Do you mean this bear?
Sarah - July 29, 2014
Looking for another russ Berrie dog puppet named "Spot".I have had first one for 27yrs and he's well loved.
Have you tried searching for: Russ Berrie Spot?
Pj - February 16, 2014
Can anyone tell me anything about a Russ Berrie "Harrison" Volkswagen bear,12"tall,dark blue jumper with vw motif,approx year of manufacture and if possible cost at manufacture/present? Someone said this bear was a rarity? .. Many thanks.
Nice bear, but I don't know if it's rare. One was sold on eBay UK for around 6 GBP last month.
Hans - November 30, 2013
i have 90 pc of russ berrie charisma unicorn all are factori sealed and never opend. Also 1 Kermit the broker mint with all tags. What ar they Worth to a collector?
One Charisma was sold for 21 USD last month, but used and without box. Can't compare because this was the only one. Try and sell one on eBay to see how much it can fetch. The Kermit I don't know.
Philip - June 17, 2013
could you please give me some information i have been given a yomiko patient number 259 item number 7976 could you tell me how old it is and has it any value
Julia - March 12, 2013
could someone tell me the year the Russ Baby Love victoria series #1622 was made they look like babies with christeing gowns on
Alexandra - February 28, 2013
Searching for a Russ Berrie vintage stuffed pink animal (chick or duck) named PIP made in 1973.
Bryony - February 19, 2013
I am looking for any information on two Russ Berrie toys, Tippy bear item number 7499 and Dinkie Dog item number 344
Cannot find a lot of info on them. Made in China, not worth much I'm afraid. Dinkie Dog around 10 GBP, Tippy bear maybe a few quid.
Terri - December 6, 2010
In 1980 I Purchased the entire set of Little Woman Dolls produced by the Russ Berrie Company. These dolls have never been displayed or played with and are still in their original boxes. I have looked high and low to find more but to no avail. Even Ebay only has a scattered few here and there but without certificates or boxes. I cannot find any information about the dolls or if there worth has increased in any manner. I suspect at one time the Avon Company acquired the rights to the dolls but am not positive about that. Can someone please tell me if these dolls are out of circulation and if so, how many were made. They were manufactured in Taiwan R.O.C. and have the style numbers as 1626. 1627, 1628, and 1629. Thank you.