Rosebud dolls

The British company who manufactured Rosebud dolls since the 1950s, Nene Plastics Ltd., was run by Eric Smith who took over the company in 1934 from his father. When Nene Plastics started to produce composition dolls in 1947, the trademark "Rosebud" was registered by Smith. Initially, the company started making dolls out of composition. All the Rosebud dolls had the word, "Rosebud" embossed on the backside of their neck to recognise the authenticity of the dolls.

When the company started making vinyl dolls, it added a rose symbol along with the Rosebud name from 1960 to create a specific identity. In 1967, Nene Plastics was taken over by the American company Mattel.These Rosebud dolls had the markings "Rosebud, Mattel" on them. However, the company started trading independently again under the name Blossom Toys from 1974.

Rosebud dolls were made in various sizes and colours and are always wearing fabulous dresses. The dolls tend to have nice lustrous hair too. Even baby dolls were available.

The size varies from anywhere between 6 inches to 14 inches or more. The process of manufacturing involve a lot of attention to detail in design and selection of high quality materials.

Vintage Rosebud dolls are popular among collectors as they are an example of excellent craftsmanship.


Updated: 20 October 2020

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Rosebud value and price guide

What's your Rosebud worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
patti playpal doll original pink rosebud dress Patti Playpal Doll Original Pink Rosebud Dress 09/2021 $475.00
rare rosebud doll sweet mmm s 14 designed by brenda Rare Rosebud Doll Sweet Mmm S 14 Designed By Brenda 09/2021 $125.00
1930 doll horsman rosebud composition cloth 20 original 1930 Doll Horsman Rosebud Composition Cloth 20 Original 09/2021 $130.47
rare rosebud doll 11 england original wardrobe clothing Rare Rosebud Doll 11 England Original Wardrobe Clothing 10/2021 $135.00
1953 madame alexander doll rosebud in original complete 1953 Madame Alexander Doll Rosebud In Original Complete 09/2021 $115.00
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices12/2021$-.--

Rosebud forum

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Comments (14)
Brenda - February 20, 2021
I have a large Rosebud
Till about the size of a 2 year old. Bought from England about 1959 cannot find anything about this size doll
Julie - February 6, 2021
I was given this doll in the early 1960's. She is 55cm/22” with opening/closing eyes with lashes, cloth body, rooted hair. She also has a blue sleeping bag with satin trim and a bunny on the front.
Rosebud Made in England on back of neck. No rose. She has no voice box or sound maker. I cannot find a match for my my doll anywhere with the same marks. Can you help please? Julie
Jackie - January 8, 2021
Id be really interested to know if you recognise this Rosebud doll. I have searched hundreds of images but haven't seen anything similar Late 1950s, has Rosebud Made in England stamped on back of neck. She is life sized - over 20inches. Very hard plastic, Arms held in place with large rubber band. Painted hair. She would have been purchased in London
Sylvia - January 7, 2021

i have a rosebud doll that needs some tlc legs head all over to be fair needs attention it is made of hard plastic can anyone help
Jill - August 30, 2020
I have these 2 rosebud dolls the dark one has voice box (not working).I would like to sell them. What is the value for the 2 together. Thank you
Sorry, I don't know. Best is to search eBay for similar dolls for value.
Angela - August 2, 2020
I have a Rosebud baby doll, which I was given in the 1960s, how much would it be worth?
Kathleen - July 4, 2020
Hi just wondering i got these dolls as a little girl and could not wait to open the box and smell the lovely perfume they gave off was this the doll ? or did they spray them it was lovely smell
Yes, I think so! Some came with fragrance. Have a look here for some of these vintage kolognes: Liddle Kiddle Kolognes.
Joy - June 18, 2020
I have a 1960 Wonder Baby still working and in good condition with original clothes. Any idea of his value?
Johnny - May 1, 2020
hi i have a 1964 mattel rosebud walking doll alas missing a left shoe and sock combined,i have the soul and the connecting pins but no complete upper shoe,i say that as i have a broken upper shoe which in bits,but not all the bits,ive tried mattel and because they dont make it anymore they cannot help me, so ime looking for any help on this matter on who might be able to supply one or even a pair.thanks JM.
Difficult to find... looks like you have to find another (broken) one to salvage parts from: Rosebud Baby First Step.
Natasha - March 3, 2020
I have two Rosebud twin dolls. Small one's. One blond and one brunette. They were bought as a set. They have Rosebud and "Patent Pending" printed on the back. Any idea what they are worth?
Sorry, I have no idea...
Leanne - December 26, 2019
I have a christmas fairy with original head tiara and dress Can’t find another anywhere is there a catalogue of them
There are a few on eBay, have a look on this page: Rosebud Christmas Fairy for prices.
May - November 6, 2019
Did Rosebud ever make the Patti play pal family of dolls? I am getting a Johnny play pal that is unmarked from New Zealand and seller said is by Rosebud.
Kathy - April 4, 2019
I have a doll dressed in a pink gingham checked dress with pink bows in her light brown hair. She is in pristine condition. She has matching bloomers, white socks, and light blue shoes. ROSEBUD is written across the back of her neck. Can anyone give me information about her re: age, value, etc.? Many thanks! Kathy
Pat - March 26, 2019
Could you tell me what year rosebud came in a orange with green stipe box, please. thank you
I'm no expert on these dolls, so I have no idea Pat, sorry. They were made from the 1950s, so I think you have to look at the box colors and clothing to determine age.