Usually marked on the back as: Roddy, Made in England by Roddy Dolls.


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Lydia - June 4, 2019

I inherited a Roddy doll and I don't know what it's worth or anything. It came from a great aunt that I wasn't really close with and I had never even heard of Roddy dolls so I'm looking for any info. Thanks
►reply: Hi, have a look on my page under 'sold items'. You can find more if you click on the link under them.

Julie - April 6, 2012

How much is a roddy doll worth
►reply: Depends on age, wear and tear, and demand. Check ebay to find what your doll can fetch.

William - April 3, 2012

when was the first roddy dolls made in england
►reply: Can't find the exact year I'm afraid, 1950s for sure.