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Robilt was the largest maker of 'O' gauge tinplate trains, rolling stock, and various line side accessories in Australia and as such it is considerably easier to find Robilt products than any other Australian brand. The firm was founded in 1946 by Ronald Titchener (1915-2000) who gained engineering experience in various precision workshops before joining the Royal Australian Air Force in 1935.

Up until the war, model trains had been imported to Australia from overseas manufacturers in Germany, England and the United States. None of these trains however were representative of the regional railways that had operated in Australia. Titchener subsequently went into business with accountant Bill Watts, and they founded 'Robilt Products'. They set up a factory in a terrace of shops in the Melbourne suburb of Armadale, at 2A & 2C Willis Street, and with a limited amount of equipment began making toys and prototype models of Australian trains. Ron Titchener built the tooling and did the design work for these products.

After great success in 1950 it was sold to Rytime Company who made products under the name of Playtime Toys. In 1952 the company traded under the name Rytime-Robilt and then in 1954 Robilt Products. In the 1960s it scaled back and then stopped its production of toys, but still continued making other products including machines for Lapidary.

Updated: 23 July 2020

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1 comment
Mark - July 23, 2020
Hi JohnI'm Mark, I've got a Robilt 2.4.0 clockwork locomotive but she's missing her front bogie, would you have a spare front bogie or know someone who has a spare front bogie and would be interested in selling it?Thanks for your time.Cheers Mark
Hi Mark! I don't have parts, sorry.. I already have too much stuff :) It will be difficult to find your bogie, since they are quite rare. Best is to search eBay now and then for parts or maybe there are some Facebook groups with collectors where you can try. Good luck!