The history of Road Champs can be followed on the bases of their models: The earliest models date to 1982 and like most Road Champs, carry the city, state & zip code of their manufacturer. This odd practice may have been to allow prospective wholesale or retail firms to find the firm. In 1982, JRI, Inc. of Harrison, NJ 07029 produced these toy cars. By 1990, Road Champs Inc. of Caldwell, NJ 07006 is listed. Models dated 1992 identify West Caldwell, NJ. The latest models from 2000 list Malibu, CA, 90265 as the address and Road Champs Inc. is now a subsidiary of JAKKS Pacific Inc., a public company trading as JAKKS.

Scale 1:64

The earliest 1:64 scale Road Champs models are also some of the best. They included opening doors and even full engine detail in some cases as seen on the Ferrari Testarossa. These early models are quite accurate and include metal bodies and bases. the wheels are much like those of Hot Wheels from the same period. Matchbox and Majorette may have been the target competition for these models. Most of these early models were of American cars but the five models below provided Road Champs with an international flavor.

Packaging for these first models was both boxes and blisters. Boxes carried numbers although different numbers were used for different colors of the same car and therefore have little use. Blister packs show that Road Champs models were identified in categories such as 'Euro Sports'.

Road Champs value and price guide

What's your 'Road Champs' worth? Here are some recently sold items (USA).

Picture Title Date Sold for
Huge Micro Machines Funrise Hotwheels 08/2019 $280.00
Collection Of 31 Diecast Cars W Display 08/2019 $250.00
49 Sealed Semi Trucks Diecast Ho Scale 08/2019 $250.00
Battlebots Lot Battlebox Arena Complete 10/2019 $148.50
1986 Micro Machines Roadchamps Remco 07/2019 $149.99

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Comments (7)

Jams - November 4, 2018
I always enjoy playing with Road champ Trucks and Things when I was growing up I wished I could find the ones that are still out there that I would be able to get
eBay is your best bet!

Melissa - September 24, 2018
Where can I find replacement wheels for these cars?. My grandchildren still love playing with them.
I guess you have to buy a couple of spare road champs on eBay for parts or to replace them.

Judy - February 18, 2014
I have a 1995 JEEP white with opening front doors and hatchback. I would like to know it's value. Can you help me? Thank you.

Tom - June 5, 2013
I have a Hank Williams, Jr. Eagle Coach from the 1993 tour. All the ones on ebay for sale are silver and have his signature included. Mine is gold and has no signature and the lettering is red. Other than that, it is identical. Is mine more valuable than the $6 to $15 dollars offered on ebay?

Aaron - May 2, 2012
i have a 1954 ford f100 road champs toy made in 1998 it has a pepsi machine with it and the truck has pepsi logo and is pepsi blue never been opend i was wondering the vallue
Not much, a few dollars, under 10.

Jacob - April 21, 2011
I was looking for info like on if you still had some in the original packaging, how much would it be worth?
Unfortunately, I don't sell Road Champs model cars. You can search on eBay for car with original boxes.

Jacob - March 17, 2011
This is a nice website but it also doesn\'t give me all the information i want.
Hi, maybe I can help you out. Whats the info you're looking for?