Spain, 1922-1964. Toys made by Rico, a company founded by some former Paya employees in 1922, were similar to that made by Paya, starting with tin toys and moving into plastic products in the 1950s.

A typical characteristic of Rico's toy cars is that they tend not to be moulded in their final color but are spray painted like die-casts so that they resemble more diecast model cars instead of made of plastic. Rico and Paya both made many SEAT models cars.

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New Lionel Rare Aluminum Tinplate 07/2019 $575.00
Spain 1 8 Porsche 928 Sports Car Battery 09/2019 $399.99
Gallo Domino Table The Puerto Flag Mvp 07/2019 $325.00
Wooden Wood Dominoes Domino Table Mesa 09/2019 $299.99
Domino Table Mesa De Dominos Puerto Pr 07/2019 $246.99

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Rico - October 20, 2013
I have a few vintage toys .. rico .. matchbox and corgi . I want to sell and have at least 200 models help ..
Have you considered eBay? You can sell them in batches.