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"Miss Revlon" dolls were introduced by the Ideal Toy Company in 1956. This began the 1950's "Glamour/Fashion Doll" period. You have to remember that these dolls appeared before the famous "Barbie" doll was introduced. In the mid-1950's almost all the dolls manufactured represented either babies or young children. These new high-heeled fashion dolls with a woman's figure were an entirely new concept. To adjust parents to the transition, the dolls were marketed to represent "big sisters". Also, although they had a grown-up figure, their faces remained very large and child-like. So in reality, they almost appeared like young children dressed in their mother's clothing.

Miss Revlon

Ideal successfully marketed the doll with a tie in to the Revlon Cosmetics Company. This gave some brand familiarity to the mother's who would ultimately purchase the doll. It also helped Revlon market their name to young consumers even before they were ready to use make-up. When they were old enough, they were sure to remember the Revlon name.

Many other companies joined into the new fashion doll craze. Some were high quality companies such as Madame Alexander who produced the "Cissy" doll. The American Character Toy Company produced the "Toni" doll. Other companies produced lower quality/lower cost dolls for those who could not afford the higher priced dolls.  "Miss Revlon Dolls" are always marked with the Ideal company name and the letter "VT" followed by a dash and the size of the doll such as "VT-18" for the 18 inch dolls.

Ideal stopped producing the "Miss Revlon" doll around 1960. This, of course, coincides with the rising popularity of the smaller and more sophisticated "Barbie" doll. Many collectors, however, hold the 1950's fashion dolls in high regard today. They are very sought after and often demand high prices. Their style and quality bring back memories of a special time in doll history.

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Jessica - March 27, 2015
When I was small, a much older cousin gave me a Little Miss Revlon Doll, with a shiny black plastic carrying case(that looked like a dressing room when opened) and a ton of clothing. Stupidly, as a teen, I gave it away. I have been trying to identify her ever since. I know she was a Little Miss Revlon, but I have seen only one doll that looks like mine. My doll had platinum blonde hair, shorter, widow's peak, side part, waved hair. She came with all the original clothes(bra, panties, girdle etc. plus quite a few others, including stockings. She even had the usual mirror, brush etc., but also a miniature metal scissors and some other small items like that. Obviously, I have been kicking myself for years! It isn't that I am so much a doll nut, but I do collect antiques, and I recognize that what I had was somewhat unusual. Can you help in identifying this doll? Was it sold with a particular name? She always sort of reminded me of Marilyn Monroe.
What a nice story Jessica! I can't help, but maybe another visitor will read this and knows more.