Reborn toddlers are hand crafted, customized, repainted and artistically enhanced vinyl dolls to look like real, human toddlers. The process of creating a these reborn toddlers is referred to as: reborning.

How to reborn a toddler doll

The technique of Reborning has evolved a lot over the past five years, as hobbyists and reborn doll artists have refined their painting techniques and added technical enhancements, such as a heartbeat simulator. More recently special reborn doll kits are available, and mechanical enhancements are seen such a battery powered breathing mechanism to simulate the breathing movements of a sleeping toddler.

Specific dolls

Take a look on these pages for Reborn Toddler Laura or Arianna.

reborn toddler dollsJust like kids, reborn toddlers come in every conceivable shape size and color - nowadays there are Caucasian, Asian and African American reborn toddlers.

Creating reborn toddlers

The technique of 'reborning' a normal vinyl doll typically involves the following processes.

Updated: 7 October 2019

Reborn Toddlers value and price guide

What's your 'Reborn Toddlers' worth? Here are some recently sold items (USA).

Picture Title Date Sold for
Reborn Baby Boy Yannik Biracial Art Doll 09/2019 $5 100.00
Reborn Baby Maddie Lifelike Biracial Art 10/2019 $5 000.00
Full Body Solid Silicone Doll Baby 08/2019 $3 500.00
Reborn Prototype Abigail Smiling Baby 10/2019 $3 000.00
Reborn Toddler Child Lifelike Art Doll 08/2019 $2 750.00

See all sold items for more prices.

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I am sorry the toddler isn't mine.

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I am sorry but the doll isn't mine and I can't remember where I got this photo...