Radio Flyer is an American toy company best known for their popular red toy wagon. The Radio Flyer wagons were named as a tribute to two famous men of the day: Marconi and Lindbergh. The company was founded in 1917 by Antonio Pasin and is based in Chicago, Illinois.


Born in a small town outside of Venice, 16 year old Antonio Pasin (pictured above) dreamed of a new beginning in America. His family sold their mule to help pay for his voyage, and before long, Pasin made his way to Chicago where he looked for work as a cabinet-maker. Though he was a skilled craftsman like his father and grandfather before him, Pasin had little success finding work, and eventually became a water boy for a sewer digging crew.

vintage radio flyer wagon

He made his way through several jobs, and by 1917 had saved enough money to purchase some used wood working equipment and rented a one-room workshop. In this workshop, Pasin began fashioning wagons by night and selling them during the day.

In the 1920s, despite the rising pressures of the times, Pasin and the Liberty Coaster Company pushed forward, with the automotive industry as inspiration. Pasin began using metal-stamping technology to produce steel wagons and applied mass-production techniques to wagon-making, creating the first wagon, "For every boy. For every girl." These innovations earned Pasin the nickname, "Little Ford."

Antonio Pasin's wagons captured the spirit of the 1930s. He named his first steel wagon the Radio Flyer, after his fascination with the invention of the radio by fellow Italian, Guglielmo Marconi; and Flyer, which reflected his wonderment of flight.

Vintage Radio Flyer Wagons are highly collectible and sought after.


Updated: 26 April 2019

Radio Flyer Wagon value and price guide

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Red Radio Flyer Tot Coaster Wagon Child 08/2019 $39.99
Sears Murray 1 2 Axle Parts Chassis 08/2019 $16.00
18 Original Steel Wheels Parts Repair 07/2019 $51.00
Radio Flyer Side Rack Wood Wagon 08/2019 $44.00
Canopy Uv Protection All Weather Model 07/2019 $41.00

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Comments (4)

Tom - August 30, 2019
I am trying to find hub caps for a Western or Champ coaster wagon. They will have 4 tabs that fit into the wheel. The distance between tabs is 3 1/8 inch. Do anyone sell parts for these coaster wagons? Thanks!
Not sure, you can browse these hub caps or you could ask here.

Rita - July 22, 2019
I have a radio town and country wagon. It is not restored. Bought around 1970. Any ideas for resale. All original parts.
Have a look here, you might find some auctions with prices, so you get an idea: Radio Flyer Country Wagon.

Staci - June 2, 2019
Is there a certain marking I need to look for the radio flyer 90 wagon to know what it's value is ?
The only ones I could find are on this page (see also the list of sold wagons if you scroll down): Radio Flyer 90. Some have writing with '90' on the sides.

Frank - February 16, 2018
I want to restore radio super 9d wagon. I am in need of at least One tire and wheel. If need be I can replace all 4. This wagon has metal wheels and hub caps. Help
Hi, there are some wheels on eBay, did you check them out? Take a look here: Radio Flyer Wagon wheels. Otherwise try and ask on their official website, maybe they know some addresses.