Porcelain dolls

Porcelain has been in use for over 4000 years in China. It is made from special white clay and fired at a temperature of 1280 degrees centigrade. There are a couple different ways in which these items are decorated.

The most common today is molded, decorated, and glazed. Others are molded and enameled then fired again. The third type is under glaze in blue and red.

The Chinese have always been extremely proficient at porcelain work, and have produced numerous pieces that look like coral, glass, stone, and many other materials.

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Porcelain Doll value and price guide

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hildegard gunzel wax over porcelain art doll Hildegard Gunzel Wax Over Porcelain Art Doll... 02/2021 $4 400.00
pair 2 german porcelain bisque dolls 12 open close Pair 2 German Porcelain Bisque Dolls 12 Open Close... 04/2021 $4 300.10
porcelain head doll kestner 221 Porcelain Head Doll Kestner 221... 04/2021 $3 800.00
porcelain doll collection by mary burch plus Porcelain Doll Collection By Mary Burch Plus... 03/2021 $2 500.00
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