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Pippa dolls were 'pocket-sized' fashion dolls offered by Palitoy, a British toymaker, between 1972 and 1980.

The doll was 6.5 inch high and had numerous friends, fashions, a flat, a car, and her own hair salon. Pippa dolls were marketed as 'the pocket money fashion doll that puts fashion in your pocket'. Her small stature also meant that costs were lower than her competitors such as Sindy and Barbie.

These dolls had lots of different fashions, including minidresses, miniskirts and top & bottom combos. There were also more regal, formal dresses, and outfits relating to different jobs.

Employing subtle makeover techniques and fashion variations, Palitoy was able to produce over 30 different Pippa and Friends by using only 3 head molds, different coloured vinyls and hair styles. Pippa's first three friends launched in 1972 were Marie, Tammie and Britt. To reflect Britains increasingly diverse ethnic population Pippa later had an Asian friend named Jasmine and a black friend named Mandy. More friends like Gail, Emma, Rosemary and Penny and a boyfriend Pete were also added to the line.

pippa dolls

Updated: 27 July 2020

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