Stomper 4x4 trucks and cars

Stompers were first created in 1980 by Schaper Toys and were battery-powered (with only one AA battery). They featured all-wheel, 4x4 drive and one single motor turned both axles. They were the first battery-powered, electric, true 4WD toys. Later, in the United Kingdom, Corgi Toys marketed identical toys in Corgi labeled packaging called Trekkers but made by Schaper. Genuine Stompers were sold by various companies around the globe and were also made by Schaper.

Schaper's 1980 catalog showed five Stomper trucks: the Chevrolet K-10 Scottsdale, Chevrolet Blazer, Dodge Warlock, Ford Bronco, and Jeep Honcho. The Stunt Set and Wild Mountain set playsets were the only other Stompers products in that year's catalog. The earliest Stompers had clips inside the body that attached to the sides of the chassis; they are known as "side-clips." They also came with a set of foam tires. 1981 brought five new Stomper trucks: the Chevrolet LUV, Datsun Li'l Hustler, Jeep Renegade, Subaru BRAT, and Toyota SR5. The Stunt Set and Wild Mountain sets also returned, though different pieces were shown in the 1981 catalog. The short-lived Stomper SSC Super Cycles also debuted in 1981. The trucks were also sold with an additional set of rubber tires so that they could be driven outdoors.

Generation I (Schaper)

Produced from 1980 to 1982. It expanded with special groups "Work x 4" and "Fun x 4" Models include Trucks, Semis and Vans.

Generation II (Schaper)

Produced from 1983 to 1985. Added special features like second speed and bigger tires. Gen II had many different groups of psychical. Models expanded to construction ethicals, VW bugs, campers with trailers dragsters and tanks.


Produced from 1987 to 1988. New models expanded including, water demons, minis and a special McDonald's Stomper.


Produced in 1992. New models included a military line called Stormers, Earthquake Alley and Authentics.

Peachtree Playthings

Produced from 1997 to 1999. New models included Road Kill, Work Force, Battle Ready, X-Treme Street. The company moved onto a new product "Shifters" a copycat Stomper that was 1/4" wider.

Tinco Toys

Produced in 2001, and continues making new models and lines.


Updated: 21 April 2020

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Schaper Stomper value and price guide

What's your Peachtree Stomper worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
schaper stompers ii chrome chevy luv peachtree rare nip Schaper Stompers Ii Chrome Chevy Luv Peachtree Rare Nip 11/2021 $350.00
rare schaper stompers ii chrome chevy luv peachtree nip Rare Schaper Stompers Ii Chrome Chevy Luv Peachtree Nip 11/2021 $300.00
1998 stomper work force 4x4 peachtree bulldozer 1998 Stomper Work Force 4x4 Peachtree Bulldozer 10/2021 $250.00
peachtree playthings 4 x 4 stompers extreme street Peachtree Playthings 4 X 4 Stompers Extreme Street 11/2021 $189.99
4x4 stompers surf runner 1997 peachtree nip 4x4 Stompers Surf Runner 1997 Peachtree Nip 10/2021 $196.00
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices12/2021$-.--

Schaper Stomper forum

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Comments (10)
Aleigha - April 26, 2020
Hi john email when you get a chance i have some questions about stompers thank you Aleigha
Hi Aleigha, I got lots of questions lately so best is to ask your question here through the form on this page.
Shawn - November 27, 2019
Hello! How can i determine the value of my stompers? I have 2 on card 1997 Peachtree Playthings Stompers Original Custom Coupe, and the draggin wagon.
You can find the Draggin' Wagon here (scroll down for prices), but I couldn't find the Custom Coupe unfortunately. Check out this page now and then to see if you can find yours.
Mark - March 23, 2019
i have 2 Kenner stomper mint on card that has german or something for writing on them. they are perfect, 1 is a chevy blazer, and the other is a toyota sr5
Here you can see some auctions: Stomper Chevy Blazer and Toyota SR5s.
Nancy - November 7, 2016
Looking for stomper freightliner thx
Difficult, but they turn up on eBay now and then...
Scott - October 2, 2016
I don't know if anyone still monitors this site or not I hope so. I purchased from good will "For a dollar" And Old Schaper stomper. It's a bigger truck I'd say 5-6 inches tall 8-9inches long It's a black Ford pickup called the "desperado puller" I cannot find anything bout this truck online, runs off of c batteries, has high and low gears, forward and reverse and is 4 wheel drive. I was amazed to put batteries in this thing and it roared to life LoL. If anyone knows anything more about this cool little truck please let me know thanks. Any value? I see the jeep version for upwards of 50$ on ebay So Hmmmm......
Hi there! Yes, ebay is your best bet to find value. You can also try and ID your truck with the help of this collectors website.
Steve - January 5, 2013
Gday guys,I have a Schaper Max Machine 1978ish complete with the remote "clicker". Done a search around cant see any other like it, do you know much about it, Thanks Steve
I did found this news article.
Gary - May 23, 2012
I recently dug out some old toys I used to collect and ran across an old stomper.It's a Jeep 4X4 made in 1987. #60837 still on the card. I was curious if it was worth anything? Thanks for your time. Gary
Hi Gary, take a look at the completed auctions of Stomper Jeeps for value.
Kit - January 18, 2012
I have early stompers (9) sled and case
Leo - September 16, 2011
i have a few stomper trucks and would like to know if they are worth anything. some include a cj renegade, blue killer whale tanker, #2 yellow racecar that says Gasser b/sm2 on it, jeep texas turbo 4x4, a black jeep that just says 4x4 stompers on the front and a dragon on the side with fire on the side and front, a plain green car, black rig (no trailer) that says 4x4 on hood with red and white flames on hood too, and a truck with a "wooden" bed (it's plastic but made to look wooden) red body with white and yellow hood. if you have any info on these i'd greatly appreciate it, and prices too. (some are just the body, i only have a few that have the part where you put the battery in it thats attached to the tires) thanks!!
Robin - November 16, 2010
looking to buy stomper truck and pull sled. where can i find any?
Difficult to find... try searching with : 'schaper pull' on this website now and then.