ODD OGG was a toy made by the Japanese company Ideal Toy Co. in 1962. It had a motor and was powered by 2 D sized batteries. I didn't have an on/off switch.

Odd Ogg came with 5 colored plastic balls which you rolled toward him, attempting to roll it below his tongue. If you rolled it dead center, Odd Ogg rolled forward a foot or so. If you rolled it off to the side, Ogg rolled backwards and opened it's mouth, sticking out it's tongue and making a razzing noise.


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Odd Ogg value and price guide

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Picture Title Date Sold for
Ideal Works 08/2019 $495.00
Ideal Works Box 06/2019 $175.00
1960 S Ideal Battery Operated Game W 08/2019 $45.00
1960 S Ideal Battery Operated Game W 08/2019 $127.50
1960 S Battery Operated Toy Ideal For 08/2019 $29.00

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