Occupied Japan toys are from the period late 1945 until 1948

After World War II, Germany and Japan tin toy manufacturing had just about run its course due to a lack of supplies. After the war the Allies noting that both countries needed to rebuild, aided them in re-starting their toy manufacturing.

In the beginning, these Japanese firms copied popular toys which were made in other countries. However by the 1950s they started making original designs that would sell in the US. The toy designers used cars, planes, cartoon characters and other objects popular in America.

Most of the toys produced during this time spanned the gamut from very simple to very intricate. These toys have become highly collectible today.

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Occupied Japan value and price guide

What's your 'Occupied Japan' worth? Here are some recently sold items (USA):

Picture Title Date Sold for
Of 911 Marked Celluloid Scotty Sweater 06/2019 $950.00
Atomic Robot Man Rare 1940 S Tin Litho 07/2019 $859.00
43 Piece Blue Willow Dish Set 06/2019 $600.00
64 Pieces Dinner China From Roselane An 08/2019 $400.00
Gemflex Gem Flex Pseudo Tlr Showa 17 5 07/2019 $399.00
82 Pieces Dinnerware Fuji China Rosette 07/2019 $395.00

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