Made in Occupied Japan

Occupied Japan toys are from the period late 1945 until 1948

After World War II, Germany and Japan tin toy manufacturing had just about run its course due to a lack of supplies. After the war the Allies noting that both countries needed to rebuild, aided them in re-starting their toy manufacturing.

In the beginning, these Japanese firms copied popular toys which were made in other countries. However by the 1950s they started making original designs that would sell in the US. The toy designers used cars, planes, cartoon characters and other objects popular in America.

Most of the toys produced during this time spanned the gamut from very simple to very intricate. These toys have become highly collectible today.

See also toys Made in US Zone Germany.

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Occupied Japan value and price guide

What's your Occupied Japan Windup Dog worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
occupied japan fur begging dog wind up toy Occupied Japan Fur Begging Dog Wind Up Toy 10/2021 $16
1940 s occupied japan itchy dog celluloid windup toy 1940 S Occupied Japan Itchy Dog Celluloid Windup Toy 11/2021 $40
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices12/2021$-.--

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Comments (3)
Hamish - June 20, 2021
I have a pair of pugilists in a boxing ring one black one white the label seems to have an S inside a diamond and can make out “ moto” I haven’t seen one before it works by blowing air and they box I’d appreciate your thoughts
April - July 12, 2020
I have ran across an ok celluloid and tin wind up toy that I can't seem to find any info on online!!! Its a woman with spinning umbrella that still moves forward and the umbrella spins... I would like to know as much as possible about her can u help me out
No idea, sorry! I could only find a picture of an old eBay listing where it was listed for about 70 GBP.
Bonnie - March 14, 2020
I just discovered your website as I prepare to put some Occupied Japan things into a flea market! Yikes, I could have been severely taken had I not found this site! I have an Occ. Japan wind-up "poodle" (it sure doesn't look like a poodle!) with its original box. I also have 2 small dolls that might have celluloid heads. (I'm not very familiar with celluloid.) If I sent you photos, could you advise me whether or not to hold off on putting them in the flea market vs. say, Ebay or ...? (This is southeast Idaho and flea markets are one step up from yard sales, if you know what I mean.) Any advice would be welcomed, as the market is 3 wks away! Thank you!
Hi Bonnie! Yes, we sometimes have treasures without us knowing :-) I am not a super expert on these toys, so best is to look if they are or were already on eBay for value. For example, search for: Occupied Japan Windup Dogs and Occupied Japan Dolls. Sometimes they can be worth a lot, but often not. Good luck!