Norah Wellings was from Shropshire, England. She was the main doll designer at Chad Valley dolls from 1919 to 1926, when she left to form her own doll company with her brother Leonard. The resulting company was the Victoria Toy Works, located in Wellington, United Kingdom. All the dolls produced here were from various types of cloth. Norah's dolls were sold worldwide, and many were made for various tourist industries, most notably the cruise ship industry, for which Norah's sailor dolls were made for various cruise ships as souvenirs.

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Rare Early Spanish Lady Boudoir Doll 18 10/2019 $526.48
Huge 126 Black Sammy Doll 30 Tall 1930s 08/2019 $195.00
John Inman Estate Are You Being Served 09/2019 $179.77
Three 1930 S Dolls Welsh Girl Caribbean 09/2019 $175.00
Cloth Tea Cozy Cosy Doll Rare 08/2019 $145.00

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