Since the 1960s, Winross of Palmyra and Rochester, NY, has offered 1:64 scale toy trucks manufactured exclusively in the U.S. Their literature states that their purpose is 'to provide the private collector with the finest scale models hand-crafted in the USA today, at factory direct prices.' Each Winros truck featured in the Collector Series has been used in a unique promotion by the company it represents, and has been approved for private sale through their catalog. Winross by Mail is the catalog division of the Winross Company, Inc. These models are not available for retail nor intended for resale.

Purchase is limited to six of any one model unless otherwise specified. For collectors of Winross trucks, the Winross Collectors Club of America, publishes The Winross Model Collector, a monthly newsletter intended to 'share and preserve the common interest of dedication to the collection and preservation of 1:64th scale Winross Trucks.' New variations are issued monthly, about six at a time.


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Updated: 6 Oct. 2019

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Comments (15)
Gary - April 1, 2020
Looking for jones truck line
Hi, have a look here: Winross Jones.
Rick - February 27, 2020
Looking for the 5th wheel attachment for a Winross cab
Mike - February 9, 2020
Looking for a truck I think was a Winross from Trevis Craft race cars.
None for sale right now, but you could subscribe to the newsletter on this page: Winross Trevis Craft, so if one pops up, you'll get notified.
Mike - February 7, 2020
New to collecting. Looking for anything Yellow Freight and if anyone remembers ST Smith Transit from the 70’s into early 80’s I’d appreciate it. My uncle drive for both of them out of Columbus Ohio. He’s what got me interested in trucking. He passed away last Thanksgiving so looking for some memorabilia. Thanks
Welcome! Look here for Yellow Freight: Winross Yellow Freight, can't find any ST Smith Transit though.
Richard - February 6, 2020
Do you know if Winross made a “scenic cruiser” die-cast bus in a blue/silver coloration in the late ‘50’s or early ‘60’s??? Thanks
I can't find anything on Winross recreational vehicles I'm afraid...
Colin - January 27, 2020
Any contact about winross is welcome
You can visit their official website (see link above in the description). There might be an email address somewhere there.
Randy - January 9, 2020
My father has a collection of about 75 winRoss trucks he passed away this past year as executor of his estate I am looking to sell his collection would you happen to know of any collectors in the Pottstown Pennsylvania area that I could contact that would be interested in his collection thank you very much
Sorry to hear about your father Randy. I don't know if there are any collectors in the area mentioned. Maybe you could check the Facebook group (mentioned above) and ask there. Good luck!
Joseph - January 7, 2020
I am looking to collect vintage diecast tractor trailer overnite transportation Werner Enterprise I am new to this and want to start a collection thank you.
Hi Joe, enjoy your new hobby! Also have a look here: Winross Werner trailers.
Tony - October 19, 2019
would like to know value of my Winross collection
Hi Tony, I can't give an estimation of a lot unfortunately. Best you can do is find the value of your most valuable models for a rough idea. You could also contact the members of the Winross Facebook group, mentioned in the description above.
Micha - August 23, 2019
Does anyone know how to fix winross truck wheels? My son dropped his truck and couple wheels came off and he’s devastated. I’ve tried again and again to fix it with no luck. They will not lock back in. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
If you're on Facebook, you could try this group page: Winross Collectors Club and ask there.
Dennis - June 25, 2019
Hi I just found a late 60s early 70s winnross pete tractor with a bohack trailer*/9 just wondering the value of them Thanks
Elias - May 24, 2019
i am looking for any trucks with the R.S. Hollinger
I found one on this page (but maybe you already found this one as well):
Leo - February 4, 2019
I have a SK 75 years of Professional Tools Tractor Trailer. Green cab and white trailer. What year was it produced and any idea of value? Thanks for any info.
Roxanne - September 3, 2018
what is the price for Unity 1 truck?
Take a look here.
Rosemary - November 23, 2010
I am looking for a A Duie Pyle miniature tractor trail truck, do you have one?