The year was 1999.  The stock market boomed.  People were living large, excited about the possibilities of the coming millennium.  During all this, a little known company was hard at work creating cutting-edge, die-cast street machines like nobody had seen before.  Each model was based off of one-of-a-kind artwork, sporting exaggerated engines and aggressive, beefy wheels.  At the dawn of the new millennium, after a year in development, Muscle Machines were born.

While the initial lineup consisted of just three 1/18th scale and five 1/64th scale models, they were a huge success.  Fans couldn't get enough, and demand grew for more makes, models and years of cars and trucks.  They scoured the land, searching for every release to add to their prized collections.  Far surpassing any other competitor on the market, the Muscle Machines lineup expanded to 66 total castings in only a few short years.

As in the beginning, Muscle Machines has returned with an all-new assortment of custom street machines.  Still the most versatile die-cast cars on the market, these monsters can be tricked out in many ways—a street rod or custom car, drag racer or lowrider, or even in Trans Am™ style.  Each release was carefully selected based on its connection to aficionados and car collectors worldwide.  And once again, Rohan Day continues to impress by showcasing his unique abilities with exciting artwork to accompany this new collection.  The possibilities are endless as the new wave of hot rods speeds onto the shelves, officially marking the return of The Original Muscle Machines!


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Ron - April 10, 2018

is the muscle machine2002 chev bel air funline station wagon a popular collectors piece thanks
►reply: If boxed it can fetch 30-40 USD.

Angie - August 2, 2015

i have a Turbro 03 acura NSX (CALIFORNIA DRAGSPEC) scale 1.18. Can You tell what it's worth? thank you
►reply: There is one for sale on Amazon right now, take a look.

B.t. - September 14, 2013

Have the '66 GTO 9-11 1:64 in blister,the flag sticker is upside down.Wondering if you have ever seen this flub and what/would it be worth anything?
►reply: No idea, did you read this forum thread about it?

Joni - November 18, 2010

I'm looking for an 69 Camaro orange with blown engine, I seen the American Flag one, just checking to see if you might have what I'm looking for.
►reply: I don't have one, try searching for: muscle machines camaro 69.